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    • Jiang Z, Du T, Lin CT, Macdonald TJ, Chen J, Chin YC, Xu W, Ding B, Kim JS, Durrant JR, Heeney M and McLachlan MA (2023). Deciphering the Role of Hole Transport Layer HOMO Level on the Open Circuit Voltage of Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Materials Interfaces vol. 10 (19)
    • Guo F, Macdonald TJ, Sobrido AJ, Liu L, Feng J and He G (2023). Recent Advances in Ultralow-Pt-Loading Electrocatalysts for the Efficient Hydrogen Evolution. Wiley Open Access  Advanced Science
    • Lanzetta L, Webb T, Marin-Beloqui JM, Macdonald TJ and Haque SA (2023). Halide Chemistry in Tin Perovskite Optoelectronics: Bottlenecks and Opportunities. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition vol. 62 (8)


    • Macdonald TJ, Lanzetta L, Liang X, Ding D and Haque SA (2022). Engineering Stable Lead-free Tin Halide Perovskite Solar Cells: Lessons from Materials Chemistry. Wiley  Advanced Materials, e2206684-e2206684.
    • Macdonald TJ, Clancy AJ, Shutt RRC and Howard CA (2022). Phosphorene nanoribbons for next-generation energy devices. Elsevier  Joule
    • Furlan F, Nodari D, Palladino E, Angela E, Mohan L, Briscoe J, Fuchter MJ, Macdonald TJ, Grancini G, McLachlan MA and Gasparini N (2022). Tuning Halide Composition Allows Low Dark Current Perovskite Photodetectors With High Specific Detectivity. Wiley  Advanced Optical Materials
    • Lin C, Hsieh C, Macdonald TJ, Chang J, Lin P, Cha H, Steier L, Wadsworth A, McCulloch I, Chueh C and Durrant JR (2022). Water‐Insensitive Electron Transport and Photoactive Layers for Improved Underwater Stability of Organic Photovoltaics (Adv. Funct. Mater. 40/2022). Wiley  Advanced Functional Materials vol. 32 (40), 2270223-2270223.
    • Li J, Luo N, Kang L, Zhao F, Jiao Y, Macdonald TJ, Wang M, Parkin IP, Shearing PR, Brett DJL, Chai G and He G (2022). Hydrogen-Bond Reinforced Superstructural Manganese Oxide As the Cathode for Ultra-Stable Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries. Wiley-Vch Verlag  Advanced Energy Materials
    • Lin CT, Hsieh CT, Macdonald TJ, Chang JF, Lin PC, Cha H, Steier L, Wadsworth A, McCulloch I, Chueh CC and Durrant JR (2022). Water-Insensitive Electron Transport and Photoactive Layers for Improved Underwater Stability of Organic Photovoltaics. Advanced Functional Materials
    • Webb T, Liu X, Westbrook RJE, Kern S, Sajjad MT, Jenatsch S, Jayawardena KDGI, Perera WHK, Marko IP, Sathasivam S, Li B, Yavari M, Scurr DJ, Alexander MR, Macdonald TJ, Haque SA, Sweeney SJ and Zhang W (2022). A Multifaceted Ferrocene Interlayer for Highly Stable and Efficient Lithium Doped Spiro‐OMeTAD‐based Perovskite Solar Cells. Wiley-Vch Verlag  Advanced Energy Materials vol. 12 (26), 2200666-2200666.
    • Xu W, Du T, Sachs M, Macdonald TJ, Min G, Mohan L, Stewart K, Lin CT, Wu J, Pacalaj R, Haque SA, McLachlan MA and Durrant JR (2022). Asymmetric charge carrier transfer and transport in planar lead halide perovskite solar cells. Cell Reports Physical Science vol. 3 (5)
    • Du T, Richheimer F, Frohna K, Gasparini N, Mohan L, Min G, Xu W, MacDonald TJ, Yuan H, Ratnasingham SR, Haque S, Castro FA, Durrant JR, Stranks SD, Wood S, McLachlan MA and Briscoe J (2022). Overcoming Nanoscale Inhomogeneities in Thin-Film Perovskites via Exceptional Post-annealing Grain Growth for Enhanced Photodetection. Nano Letters vol. 22 (3), 979-988.


    • MacDonald TJ, Clancy AJ, Xu W, Jiang Z, Lin CT, Mohan L, Du T, Tune DD, Lanzetta L, Min G, Webb T, Ashoka A, Pandya R, Tileli V, McLachlan MA, Durrant JR, Haque SA and Howard CA (2021). Phosphorene Nanoribbon-Augmented Optoelectronics for Enhanced Hole Extraction. Journal of The American Chemical Society vol. 143 (51), 21549-21559.
    • Du T, Macdonald TJ, Yang RX, Li M, Jiang Z, Mohan L, Xu W, Su Z, Gao X, Whiteley R, Lin C-T, Min G, Haque SA, Durrant JR, Persson KA, McLachlan MA and Briscoe J (2021). Additive-free, Low-temperature Crystallization of Stable α-FAPbI3 Perovskite. Adv Mater, e2107850-e2107850.
    • Portnoi M, Haigh PA, Macdonald TJ, Ambroz F, Parkin IP, Darwazeh I and Papakonstantinou I (2021). Bandwidth limits of luminescent solar concentrators as detectors in free-space optical communication systems. Light: Science and Applications vol. 10 (1)
    • Lanzetta L, Webb T, Zibouche N, Liang X, Ding D, Min G, Westbrook RJE, Gaggio B, Macdonald TJ, Islam MS and Haque SA (2021). Degradation mechanism of hybrid tin-based perovskite solar cells and the critical role of tin (IV) iodide. Nature Communications vol. 12 (1)
    • Bodian S, Colchester RJ, Macdonald TJ, Ambroz F, Briceno de Gutierrez M, Mathews SJ, Fong YMM, Maneas E, Welsby KA, Gordon RJ, Collier P, Zhang EZ, Beard PC, Parkin IP, Desjardins AE and Noimark S (2021). CuInS2 Quantum Dot and Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposites for All-Optical Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging. Advanced Materials Interfaces vol. 8 (20)
    • Rombach FM, Haque SA and Macdonald TJ (2021). Lessons learned from spiro-OMeTAD and PTAA in perovskite solar cells. Energy and Environmental Science vol. 14 (10), 5161-5190.
    • Lin CT, Xu W, Macdonald TJ, Ngiam J, Kim JH, Du T, Xu S, Tuladhar PS, Kang H, Lee K, Durrant JR and McLachlan MA (2021). Correlating the Active Layer Structure and Composition with the Device Performance and Lifetime of Amino-Acid-Modified Perovskite Solar Cells. Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces vol. 13 (36), 43505-43515.
    • Westbrook RJE, Macdonald TJ, Xu W, Lanzetta L, Marin-Beloqui JM, Clarke TM and Haque SA (2021). Lewis Base Passivation Mediates Charge Transfer at Perovskite Heterojunctions. Journal of The American Chemical Society vol. 143 (31), 12230-12243.
    • Bati ASR, Hao M, Macdonald TJ, Batmunkh M, Yamauchi Y, Wang L and Shapter JG (2021). 1D-2D Synergistic MXene-Nanotubes Hybrids for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells. Small vol. 17 (32)
    • Du T, Ratnasingham SR, Kosasih FU, Macdonald TJ, Mohan L, Augurio A, Ahli H, Lin CT, Xu S, Xu W, Binions R, Ducati C, Durrant JR, Briscoe J and McLachlan MA (2021). Aerosol Assisted Solvent Treatment: A Universal Method for Performance and Stability Enhancements in Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Energy Materials
    • Wilson RL, Macdonald TJ, Lin CT, Xu S, Taylor A, Knapp CE, Guldin S, McLachlan MA, Carmalt CJ and Blackman CS (2021). Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of nickel oxide using the novel nickel dialkylaminoalkoxide precursor [Ni(dmamp′)2] (dmamp′ = 2-dimethylamino-2-methyl-1-propanolate). Rsc Advances vol. 11 (36), 22199-22205.
    • Ding D, Lanzetta L, Liang X, Min G, Giza M, Macdonald TJ and Haque SA (2021). Ultrathin polymethylmethacrylate interlayers boost performance of hybrid tin halide perovskite solar cells. Chemical Communications vol. 57 (41), 5047-5050.
    • Yavari M, Liu X, Webb T, Jayawardena KDGI, Xiang Y, Kern S, Hinder S, MacDonald TJ, Silva SRP, Sweeney SJ and Zhang W (2021). A synergistic Cs2CO3ETL treatment to incorporate Cs cation into perovskite solar cells: Via two-step scalable fabrication. Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol. 9 (12), 4367-4377.
    • Zhang Y, Kirs A, Ambroz F, Lin CT, Bati ASR, Parkin IP, Shapter JG, Batmunkh M and Macdonald TJ (2021). Ambient Fabrication of Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells. Small Methods vol. 5 (1)


    • Contini C, Hindley JW, Macdonald TJ, Barritt JD, Ces O and Quirke N (2020). Size dependency of gold nanoparticles interacting with model membranes. Communications Chemistry vol. 3 (1)
    • Lin CT, Ngiam J, Xu B, Chang YH, Du T, Macdonald TJ, Durrant JR and McLachlan MA (2020). Enhancing the operational stability of unencapsulated perovskite solar cells through Cu-Ag bilayer electrode incorporation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A vol. 8 (17), 8684-8691.
    • Ambroz F, Sathasivam S, Lee R, Gadipelli S, Lin CT, Xu S, Poduval RK, Mclachlan MA, Papakonstantinou I, Parkin IP and Macdonald TJ (2020). Corrigendum to: Influence of Lithium and Lanthanum Treatment on TiO 2 Nanofibers and Their Application in n-i-p Solar Cells (ChemElectroChem, (2019), 6, 14, (3590-3598), 10.1002/celc.201900532). Chemelectrochem vol. 7 (9)
    • Hopper TR, Gorodetsky A, Jeong A, Krieg F, Bodnarchuk MI, Maimaris M, Chaplain M, Macdonald TJ, Huang X, Lovrincic R, Kovalenko MV and Bakulin AA (2020). Hot Carrier Dynamics in Perovskite Nanocrystal Solids: Role of the Cold Carriers, Nanoconfinement, and the Surface. Nano Letters vol. 20 (4), 2271-2278.
    • Portnoi M, Macdonald TJ, Sol C, Robbins TS, Li T, Schläfer J, Guldin S, Parkin IP and Papakonstantinou I (2020). All-Silicone-based Distributed Bragg Reflectors for Efficient Flexible Luminescent Solar Concentrators. Nano Energy vol. 70
    • Lin CT, Lee J, Kim J, Macdonald TJ, Ngiam J, Xu B, Daboczi M, Xu W, Pont S, Park B, Kang H, Kim JS, Payne DJ, Lee K, Durrant JR and McLachlan MA (2020). Origin of Open-Circuit Voltage Enhancements in Planar Perovskite Solar Cells Induced by Addition of Bulky Organic Cations. Advanced Functional Materials vol. 30 (7)
    • Ambroz F, Xu W, Gadipelli S, Brett DJL, Lin CT, Contini C, McLachlan MA, Durrant JR, Parkin IP and Macdonald TJ (2020). Room Temperature Synthesis of Phosphine-Capped Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanocrystals without Coordinating Solvents. Particle and Particle Systems Characterization vol. 37 (1)


    • Ambroz F, Donnelly JL, Wilden JD, Macdonald TJ and Parkin IP (2019). Carboxylic acid functionalization at the meso-position of the bodipy core and its influence on photovoltaic performance. Nanomaterials vol. 9 (10)
    • Macdonald TJ, Batmunkh M, Lin CT, Kim J, Tune DD, Ambroz F, Li X, Xu S, Sol C, Papakonstantinou I, McLachlan MA, Parkin IP, Shapter JG and Durrant JR (2019). Origin of Performance Enhancement in TiO2-Carbon Nanotube Composite Perovskite Solar Cells. Small Methods vol. 3 (10)
    • Schläefer J, Sol C, Li T, Malarde D, Portnoi M, Macdonald TJ, Laney SK, Powell MJ, Top I, Parkin IP and Papakonstantinou I (2019). Thermochromic VO2−SiO2 nanocomposite smart window coatings with narrow phase transition hysteresis and transition gradient width. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells vol. 200
    • Ambroz F, Sathasivam S, Lee R, Gadipelli S, Lin CT, Xu S, Poduval RK, Mclachlan MA, Papakonstantinou I, Parkin IP and Macdonald TJ (2019). Influence of Lithium and Lanthanum Treatment on TiO2 Nanofibers and Their Application in n-i-p Solar Cells. Chemelectrochem vol. 6 (14), 3590-3598.
    • Batmunkh M, Vimalanathan K, Wu C, Bati ASR, Yu LP, Tawfik SA, Ford MJ, Macdonald TJ, Raston CL, Priya S, Gibson CT and Shapter JG (2019). Efficient Production of Phosphorene Nanosheets via Shear Stress Mediated Exfoliation for Low-Temperature Perovskite Solar Cells. Small Methods vol. 3 (5)
    • Elmas S, Macdonald TJ, Skinner W, Andersson M and Nann T (2019). Copper metallopolymer catalyst for the electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Polymers vol. 11 (1)
    • Peveler WJ, Jia H, Jeen T, Rees K, Macdonald TJ, Xia Z, Chio WIK, Moorthy S, Parkin IP, Carmalt CJ, Algar WR and Lee TC (2019). Cucurbituril-mediated quantum dot aggregates formed by aqueous self-assembly for sensing applications. Chemical Communications vol. 55 (38), 5495-5498.
    • Patrick PS, Bogart LK, Macdonald TJ, Southern P, Powell MJ, Zaw-Thin M, Voelcker NH, Parkin IP, Pankhurst QA, Lythgoe MF, Kalber TL and Bear JC (2019). Surface radio-mineralisation mediates chelate-free radiolabelling of iron oxide nanoparticles. Chemical Science vol. 10 (9), 2592-2597.


    • Macdonald TJ, Ambroz F, Batmunkh M, Li Y, Kim D, Contini C, Poduval R, Liu H, Shapter JG, Papakonstantinou I and Parkin IP (2018). TiO2 nanofiber photoelectrochemical cells loaded with sub-12 nm AuNPs: Size dependent performance evaluation. Materials Today Energy vol. 9, 254-263.
    • McInnes SJP, Macdonald TJ, Parkin IP, Nann T and Voelcker NH (2018). Electrospun composites of polycaprolactone and porous silicon nanoparticles for the tunable delivery of small therapeutic molecules. Nanomaterials vol. 8 (4)
    • Seo DH, Batmunkh M, Fang J, Murdock AT, Yick S, Han Z, Shearer CJ, Macdonald TJ, Lawn M, Bendavid A, Shapter JG and (Ken) Ostrikov K (2018). Ambient air synthesis of multi-layer CVD graphene films for low-cost, efficient counter electrode material in dye-sensitized solar cells. Flatchem vol. 8, 1-8.
    • Peveler WJ, Packman H, Alexander S, Chauhan RR, Hayes LM, Macdonald TJ, Cockcroft JK, Rogers S, Aarts DGAL, Carmalt CJ, Parkin IP and Bear JC (2018). A new family of urea-based low molecular-weight organogelators for environmental remediation: The influence of structure. Soft Matter vol. 14 (43), 8821-8827.
    • Lourenço C, Macdonald TJ, Gavriilidis A, Allan E, Macrobert AJ and Parkin IP (2018). Effects of bovine serum albumin on light activated antimicrobial surfaces. Rsc Advances vol. 8 (60), 34252-34258.
    • Ambroz F, Macdonald TJ, Martis V and Parkin IP (2018). Evaluation of the BET theory for the characterization of meso and microporous MOFs. Small Methods vol. 2 (11)


    • Batmunkh M, Macdonald TJ, Peveler WJ, Bati ASR, Carmalt CJ, Parkin IP and Shapter JG (2017). Plasmonic Gold Nanostars Incorporated into High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells. Chemsuschem vol. 10 (19), 3750-3753.
    • Ambroz F, Macdonald TJ and Nann T (2017). Trends in Aluminium-Based Intercalation Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials vol. 7 (15)
    • Canever N, Hughson F, Macdonald TJ and Nann T (2017). Electrospinning of photocatalytic electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells. Journal of Visualized Experiments vol. 2017 (124)

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