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    • Mazzolai B, Mondini A, Del Dottore E, Margheri L, Carpi F, Suzumori K, Cianchetti M, Speck T, Smoukov SK, Burgert I, Keplinger T, Siqueira GDF, Vanneste F, Goury O, Duriez C, Nanayakkara T, Vanderborght B, Brancart J, Terryn S, Rich SI, Liu R, Fukuda K, Someya T, Calisti M, Laschi C, Sun W, Wang G, Wen L, Baines R and Patiballa SK (2022). "Roadmap on soft robotics: multifunctionality, adaptability and growth without borders." Multifunctional Materials vol. 5 (3)
    • Lesov I, Glushkova D, Cholakova D, Georgiev MT, Tcholakova S, Smoukov SK and Denkov N (2022). "Flow reactor for preparation of lipid nanoparticles via temperature variations." Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry vol. 112, 37-45.
    • Lin EE, Razzaque UA, Burrows SA and Smoukov SK (2022). "End-to-end system for rapid and sensitive early-detection of SARS-CoV-2 for resourcepoor and field-test environments using a $51 lab-in-a-backpack." Plos One vol. 17 (1 January)



    • Lin IT, Choi YS, Wojcik C, Wang T, Kar-Narayan S and Smoukov SK (2020). "Electro-responsive surfaces with controllable wrinkling patterns for switchable light reflection–diffusion–grating devices." Materials Today vol. 41, 51-61.
    • Al Nuumani R, Smoukov SK, Bolognesi G and Vladisavljevic GT (2020). "Highly porous magnetic Janus microparticles with asymmetric surface topology." Langmuir vol. 36 (42), 12702-12711.
    • Zhang F, Zhao T, Ruiz-Molina D, Liu Y, Roscini C, Leng J and Smoukov SK (2020). "Shape Memory Polyurethane Microcapsules with Active Deformation." Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces


    • Wang T, Gao L, Hou J, Herou SJA, Griffiths JT, Li W, Dong J, Gao S, Titirici MM, Kumar RV, Cheetham AK, Bao X, Fu Q and Smoukov SK (2019). "Rational approach to guest confinement inside MOF cavities for low-temperature catalysis." Nature Communications vol. 10 (1)
    • Haas PA, Cholakova D, Denkov N, Goldstein RE and Smoukov SK (2019). "Shape-shifting polyhedral droplets." Physical Review Research vol. 1 (2)
    • Ahmed AA, Luo CJ, Perez-Garrido S, Browse CR, Thrasivoulou C, Stoyanov SD, Smoukov SK and Gout I (2019). "Three-dimensional cancer cell culture in high-yield multiscale scaffolds by shear spinning." Biotechnology Progress vol. 35 (2)
    • Cholakova D, Denkov N, Tcholakova S, Valkova Z and Smoukov SK (2019). "Multilayer Formation in Self-Shaping Emulsion Droplets." Langmuir


    • Schauer S, Baumberg JJ, Hölscher H and Smoukov SK (2018). "Tuning of Structural Colors Like a Chameleon Enabled by Shape-Memory Polymers." Macromolecular Rapid Communications vol. 39 (21)
    • Lesov I, Valkova Z, Vassileva E, Georgiev GS, Ruseva K, Simeonov M, Tcholakova S, Denkov ND and Smoukov SK (2018). "Bottom-Up Synthesis of Polymeric Micro- and Nanoparticles with Regular Anisotropic Shapes." Macromolecules vol. 51 (19), 7456-7462.
    • Khare E, Temple S, Tomov I, Zhang F and Smoukov SK (2018). "Low fatigue dynamic auxetic lattices with 3D printable, multistable, and tuneable unit cells." Frontiers in Materials vol. 5
    • Wang T, Kim HK, Liu Y, Li W, Griffiths JT, Wu Y, Laha S, Fong KD, Podjaski F, Yun C, Kumar RV, Lotsch BV, Cheetham AK and Smoukov SK (2018). "Bottom-up Formation of Carbon-Based Structures with Multilevel Hierarchy from MOF-Guest Polyhedra." Journal of The American Chemical Society vol. 140 (19), 6130-6136.
    • Gordon R, Hanczyc MM, Denkov ND, Tiffany MA and Smoukov SK (2018). "Emergence of Polygonal Shapes in Oil Droplets and Living Cells: The Potential Role of Tensegrity in the Origin of Life." In Habitability of The Universe Before Earth 427-490.


    • Valkova Z, Cholakova D, Tcholakova S, Denkov N and Smoukov SK (2017). "Mechanisms and Control of Self-Emulsification upon Freezing and Melting of Dispersed Alkane Drops." Langmuir vol. 33 (43), 12155-12170.
    • Lin IT, Wang T, Zhang F and Smoukov SK (2017). "Fault-Tolerant Electro-Responsive Surfaces for Dynamic Micropattern Molds and Tunable Optics." Scientific Reports vol. 7 (1)
    • Fong KD, Wang T, Kim HK, Kumar RV and Smoukov SK (2017). "Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks for Enhanced Supercapacitor Electrodes." Acs Energy Letters vol. 2 (9), 2014-2020.
    • Karakashev SI and Smoukov SK (2017). "CMC prediction for ionic surfactants in pure water and aqueous salt solutions based solely on tabulated molecular parameters." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science vol. 501, 142-149.
    • Cholakova D, Valkova Z, Tcholakova S, Denkov N and Smoukov SK (2017). "Self-Shaping of Multicomponent Drops." Langmuir vol. 33 (23), 5696-5706.
    • Vatandoost H, Norouzi M, Alehashem SMS and Smoukov SK (2017). "A novel phenomenological model for dynamic behavior of magnetorheological elastomers in tension-compression mode." Smart Materials and Structures vol. 26 (6)
    • Offeddu GS, Mela I, Jeggle P, Henderson RM, Smoukov SK and Oyen ML (2017). "Cartilage-like electrostatic stiffening of responsive cryogel scaffolds." Scientific Reports vol. 7
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    • Tcholakova S, Valkova Z, Cholakova D, Vinarov Z, Lesov I, Denkov N and Smoukov SK (2017). "Efficient self-emulsification via cooling-heating cycles." Nature Communications vol. 8
    • Fong KD, Wang T and Smoukov SK (2017). "Multidimensional performance optimization of conducting polymer-based supercapacitor electrodes." Sustainable Energy & Fuels vol. 1 (9), 1857-1874.


    • Tian T, Blanco E, Smoukov SK, Velev OD and Velikov KP (2016). "Dissolution behaviour of ferric pyrophosphate and its mixtures with soluble pyrophosphates: Potential strategy for increasing iron bioavailability." Food Chemistry vol. 208, 97-102.
    • Cholakova D, Denkov N, Tcholakova S, Lesov I and Smoukov SK (2016). "Control of drop shape transformations in cooled emulsions." Advances in Colloid and Interface Science vol. 235, 90-107.
    • Wang T, Farajollahi M, Henke S, Zhu T, Bajpe SR, Sun S, Barnard JS, Lee JS, Madden JDW, Cheetham AK and Smoukov SK (2016). "Functional conductive nanomaterials: Via polymerisation in nano-channels: PEDOT in a MOF." Materials Horizons vol. 4 (1), 64-71.
    • Denkov N, Cholakova D, Tcholakova S and Smoukov SK (2016). "On the Mechanism of Drop Self-Shaping in Cooled Emulsions." Langmuir vol. 32 (31), 7985-7991.
    • Wang T, Farajollahi M, Choi YS, Lin IT, Marshall JE, Thompson NM, Kar-Narayan S, Madden JDW and Smoukov SK (2016). "Electroactive polymers for sensing." Interface Focus vol. 6 (4)
    • Darwish MSA, Nguyen NHA, Ševců A, Stibor I and Smoukov SK (2016). "Dual-modality self-heating and antibacterial polymer-coated nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia." Materials Science and Engineering C vol. 63, 88-95.
    • Ding T, Valev VK, Salmon AR, Forman CJ, Smoukov SK, Scherman OA, Frenkel D and Baumberg JJ (2016). "Light-induced actuating nanotransducers." Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America vol. 113 (20), 5503-5507.
    • Zhu T, Ding T, Tang F, Han Y, Ali M, Badcock T, Kappers MJ, Shields AJ, Smoukov SK and Oliver RA (2016). "Self-assembled Multilayers of Silica Nanospheres for Defect Reduction in Non- and Semipolar Gallium Nitride Epitaxial Layers." Crystal Growth and Design vol. 16 (2), 1010-1016.
    • Blanco E, Smoukov SK, Velev OD and Velikov KP (2016). "Organic-inorganic patchy particles as a versatile platform for fluid-in-fluid dispersion stabilisation." Faraday Discussions vol. 191, 73-88.


    • Denkov N, Tcholakova S, Lesov I, Cholakova D and Smoukov SK (2015). "Self-shaping of oil droplets via the formation of intermediate rotator phases upon cooling." Nature vol. 528 (7582), 392-395.
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    • Zhang FH, Zhang ZC, Luo CJ, Lin IT, Liu Y, Leng J and Smoukov SK (2015). "Remote, fast actuation of programmable multiple shape memory composites by magnetic fields." Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol. 3 (43), 11290-11293.
    • Luo CJ, Wightman R, Meyerowitz E and Smoukov SK (2015). "A 3-dimensional fibre scaffold as an investigative tool for studying the morphogenesis of isolated plant cells." Bmc Plant Biology vol. 15 (1)
    • Khaldi A, Plesse C, Vidal F and Smoukov SK (2015). "Actuators: Smarter Actuator Design with Complementary and Synergetic Functions (Adv. Mater. 30/2015)." Advanced Materials vol. 27 (30), 4389-4389.
    • Khaldi A, Plesse C, Vidal F and Smoukov SK (2015). "Smarter Actuator Design with Complementary and Synergetic Functions." Advanced Materials vol. 27 (30), 4418-4422.
    • Ding T, Cao G, Schäfer CG, Zhao Q, Gallei M, Smoukov SK and Baumberg JJ (2015). "Revealing Invisible Photonic Inscriptions: Images from Strain." Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces vol. 7 (24), 13497-13502.
    • Wang Y, Ding T, Baumberg JJ and Smoukov SK (2015). "Symmetry breaking polymerization: One-pot synthesis of plasmonic hybrid Janus nanoparticles." Nanoscale vol. 7 (23), 10344-10349.
    • Shi W, Liang R, Xu S, Wang Y, Luo C, Darwish M and Smoukov SK (2015). "Layer-by-layer self-assembly: Toward magnetic films with tunable anisotropy." Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol. 119 (23), 13215-13223.

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