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    • Wan K, Liu Y, Santagiuliana G, Barandun G, Taroni Junior P, Güder F, Bastiaansen CWM, Baxendale M, Fenwick O, Papageorgiou DG, Krause S, Zhang H and Bilotti E (2021). Self-powered ultrasensitive and highly stretchable temperature–strain sensing composite yarns. Materials Horizons
    • Zhou B, Das A, Zhong M, Guo Q, Zhang DW, Hing KA, Sobrido AJ, Titirici MM and Krause S (2021). Photoelectrochemical imaging system with high spatiotemporal resolution for visualizing dynamic cellular responses. Biosensors and Bioelectronics vol. 180


    • Tu Y, Kyle C, Luo H, Zhang DW, Das A, Briscoe J, Dunn S, Titirici MM and Krause S (2020). Ammonia Gas Sensor Response of a Vertical Zinc Oxide Nanorod-Gold Junction Diode at Room Temperature. Acs Sensors vol. 5 (11), 3568-3575.


    • Zhou B, Das A, Kappers M, Oliver R, Humphreys C and Krause S (2019). InGaN as a substrate for AC photoelectrochemical imaging. Mdpi  Sensors
    • Wang J, Yang Z, Chen W, Du L, Jiao B, Krause S, Wang P, Wei Q, Zhang D-W and Wu C (2019). Modulated light-activated electrochemistry at silicon functionalized with metal-organic frameworks towards addressable DNA chips. Elsevier  Biosensors and Bioelectronics vol. 146, 111750-111750.
    • Wan K, Taroni PJ, Liu Z, Liu Y, Tu Y, Santagiuliana G, Hsia I, Zhang H, Fenwick O, Krause S, Baxendale M, Schroeder BC and Bilotti E (2019). Flexible and Stretchable Self‐Powered Multi‐Sensors Based on the N‐Type Thermoelectric Response of Polyurethane/Na x (Ni‐ett) n Composites. Wiley  Advanced Electronic Materials, 1900582-1900582.
    • Ahmad N, Colak B, Gibbs MJ, Zhang D-W, Gautrot JE, Watkinson M, Becer CR and Krause S (2019). Peptide Cross-Linked Poly(2-oxazoline) as a Sensor Material for the Detection of Proteases with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance. Biomacromolecules vol. 20 (7), 2506-2514.
    • Wu F, Zhou B, Wang J, Zhong M, Das A, Watkinson M, Hing K, Zhang D-W and Krause S (2019). Photoelectrochemical Imaging System for the Mapping of Cell Surface Charges. Anal Chem
    • Ahmad N, Colak B, Zhang DW, Gibbs MJ, Watkinson M, Remzi Becer C, Gautrot JE and Krause S (2019). Peptide cross-linked poly (Ethylene glycol) hydrogel films as biosensor coatings for the detection of collagenase. Sensors (Switzerland) vol. 19 (7)


    • Zhang D, Papaioannou N, Titirici M-M and Krause S (2018). Photoelectrochemical Imaging Using Carbon Dots (CDs) Derived from Chitosan. Mdpi  Proceedings vol. 2 (13)
    • Ahmad N, Colak B, Gibbs MJ, Zhang D-W, Becer CR, Watkinson M, Gautrot JE and Krause S (2018). Collagenase Biosensor Based on the Degradation of Peptide Cross-Linked Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogel Films. Mdpi 
    • TU Y, AHMAD N, BRISCOE J, ZHANG D and KRAUSE S (2018). Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors using ZnO Nanorods as the Sensor Substrate for Bioanalytical Applications. American Chemical Society  Analytical Chemistry
    • Wang J, Du L, Krause S, Wu C and Wang P (2018). Surface modification and construction of LAPS towards biosensing applications. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical vol. 265, 161-173.
    • ZHANG D, PAPAIOANNOU N, David NM, LUO H, GAO H, Tanase LC, Degousee T, Samori P, SAPELKIN A, FENWICK O, TITIRICI M and KRAUSE SK (2018). Photoelectrochemical response of carbon dots (CDs) derived from chitosan and their use in electrochemical imaging. Rsc  Materials Horizons
    • TU Y, CHEN S, LI X, GORBACIOVA J, GILLIN WP, KRAUSE S and BRISCOE J (2018). Control of oxygen vacancies in ZnO nanorods by annealing and their influence on ZnO/PEDOT:PSS diode behaviour. Royal Society of Chemistry  Journal of Materials Chemistry C
    • Yoshinobu T, Krause S, Miyamoto K-I, Werner CF, Poghossian A, Wagner T and Schöning MJ (2018). (Bio-)chemical Sensing and Imaging by LAPS and SPIM. In Label-Free Biosensing  Springer Nature  103-132.
    • Schöning MJ, Wagner T, Poghossian A, Miyamoto KI, Werner CF, Krause S and Yoshinobu T (2018). Light-addressable potentiometric sensors for (bio-)chemical sensing and imaging. In Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry 295-308.


    • Zhang D, Wu F and KRAUSE SK (2017). LAPS and SPIM imaging using ITO coated glass as the substrate material. American Chemical Society  Analytical Chemistry
    • Wu F, Campos I, Zhang D and KRAUSE SK (2017). Biological imaging using light-addressable potentiometric sensors and scanning photo-induced impedance microscopy. Royal Society, The  Proceedings of The Royal Society a: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
    • Wu F, Watkinson M and Krause S (2017). Electrochemical Imaging of Copper Contamination on Self-Assembled Organic Monolayer Modified Silicon Surfaces Following a ‘Click’ Reaction with Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors and Scanning Photo-Induced Impedance Microscopy. The Electrochemical Society  Ecs Meeting Abstracts vol. MA2017-01 (38), 1769-1769.
    • Zhang D and Krause S (2017). Image Detection of Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae By Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS). The Electrochemical Society  Ecs Meeting Abstracts vol. MA2017-01 (38), 1770-1770.
    • Wu F, Zhang DW, Wang J, Watkinson M and Krause S (2017). Copper Contamination of Self-Assembled Organic Monolayer Modified Silicon Surfaces Following a “Click” Reaction Characterized with LAPS and SPIM. Langmuir vol. 33 (13), 3170-3177.
    • Krause S (2017). High-resolution impedance and potential imaging using light-addressable potentiometric sensors for bio-imaging applications.


    • Zhang DW, Wu F, Wang J, Watkinson M and KRAUSE SK (2016). Image detection of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by light-addressable potentiometric sensors (LAPS). Electrochemistry Communications vol. 72, 41-45.
    • Wang J, Campos I, Wu F, Zhu J, Sukhorukov GB, Palma M, Watkinson M and Krause S (2016). The effect of gold nanoparticles on the impedance of microcapsules visualized by scanning photo-induced impedance microscopy. Electrochimica Acta vol. 208, 39-46.


    • Wang J, Wu F, Watkinson M, Zhu J and Krause S (2015). click Patterning of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon Surfaces and Their Characterization Using Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors. Langmuir vol. 31 (35), 9646-9654.
    • Gibbs MJ, Biela A and Krause S (2015). α-Amylase sensor based on the degradation of oligosaccharide hydrogel films monitored with a quartz crystal sensor. Biosens Bioelectron vol. 67, 540-545.
    • Zhang H, Yilmaz P, Ansari JO, Khan FF, Binions R, Krause S and Dunn S (2015). Incorporation of Ag nanowires in CuWO4 for improved visible light-induced photoanode performance. Journal of Materials Chemistry A vol. 3 (18), 9638-9644.
    • Biela A, Watkinson M, Meier UC, Baker D, Giovannoni G, Becer CR and Krause S (2015). Disposable MMP-9 sensor based on the degradation of peptide cross-linked hydrogel films using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Biosensors and Bioelectronics vol. 68, 660-667.


    • Wang J, Zhou Y, Watkinson M, Gautrot J and Krause S (2014). High-sensitivity light-addressable potentiometric sensors using silicon on sapphire functionalized with self-assembled organic monolayers. Elsevier  Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical vol. 209, 230-236.



    • Zhang DW, Zhang FT, Cui YR, Deng QP, Krause S, Zhou YL and Zhang XX (2012). A label-free aptasensor for the sensitive and specific detection of cocaine using supramolecular aptamer fragments/target complex by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Talanta vol. 92, 65-71.


    • Zheng X, Cook JP, Watkinson M, Yang S, Douglas I, Rawlinson A and Krause S (2011). Generic protease detection technology for monitoring periodontal disease. Faraday Discussions vol. 149, 37-47.



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    • Sweeney SJ and Krause S (2009). Selected Papers from the Second International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications, 2007. J Mater Sci-Mater El vol. 20, 1-2.


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    • Moritz W, Yoshinobu T, Finger F, Krause S, Martin-Fernandez M and Schoning MJ (2004). High resolution LAPS using amorphous silicon as the semiconductor material. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical vol. 103 (1-2), 436-441.



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    • Sumner C, Krause S, Sabot A, Turner K and McNeil CJ (2001). Biosensor based on enzyme-catalysed degradation of thin polymer films. Biosensors & Bioelectronics vol. 16 (9-12), 709-714.

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