Dr Neil Cagney


Research Overview

Fluids-Structure Interaction, Flow-Induced Vibration, Complex Fluids, Multiphase Flows, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Mixing


My research is focused on experimental analysis of fluid flows, often using a combination of flow measurements techniques (e.g. Particle-Image Velocimetry, visualisation) and post-processing methods (e.g. Lagrangian analysis) to identify the underlying physics of a problem. Much of my work is centred on fluid-structure interaction, flow-induced vibration and mixing/processing problems (often involving non-Newtonian fluids). These problems have a wide range of applications across science and industry, and I regularly collaborate with process engineers, numerical modellers, mathematicians, rheologists and geophysicists. Current projects involve developing methods to extract renewable energy at small scales from flow-induced vibrations and vertical-axis turbines.