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February 2023

Biomass particles (in grey) and network of pores contained within (in light blue). Credit: Diamond Light Source.

Burnt nut shells in water filters shown to cut E. coli by 96%: Dr Roberto Volpe's research features in Daily Telegraph

20 February 2023

Ground-breaking work lights a path for environmental applications as charcoal made from burnt nut shells could help eradicate superbugs from hospital wastewater, experts believe Dr Roberto Volpe and his team at Queen Mary University of London and University College London in collaboration with the UK’s national synchrotron, Diamond … [more]

November 2022

Prize winners

November Prize-giving for SEMS' Taught Students

9 November 2022

At the Industrial Liaison Forum on 9th November 2022, we celebrated the achievements of some of our best taught students. Over 20 prizes were awarded by the School. These were awarded across subject and year groups and included "Academic Achievement Prizes as well as "Best Project Prizes". One "… [more]