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Dr Rosalind Hannen

Dr Hannen
Position: Researcher
Blizard Institute
Networks: LinkedIn
Expertise: Skin culture, Keratinocytes, Advanced skin culture methods

Brief Biography

I am a skin biologist obtaining my PhD from QMUL in dermatoendocrinology. During my 12 years of skin research, I realized there are some severe limitations to standard skin culture methods. I am now working to transform skin culture to advance human skin testing platforms and was awarded a MedTech Super Connector grant to develop my research commercially. I strive to provide the best dermatology research to the companies and academics I collaborate with. In addition to creating new skin culture platforms, my research interests specialize in psoriasis and wound healing. A collaborative grant with Fourth State was the highest ranked grant awarded by MedCity to investigate benefits of plasma technology (ionized gas) for chronic wound healing. I have recently won an award with Unilever to advance an interesting skin model. I am still maintaining my research roots in dermatoendocrinology, where I demonstrated dysfunctional glucocorticoid regulation in psoriasis skin. As a continuation of this work, I won a British skin foundation grant aimed to rescue the glucocorticoid pathway in psoriasis. In addition, I am working with a team at Kings College London to investigate whether "the skin can make you fat" where we have found that there are factors secreted from psoriasis skin that may influence metabolic disease. I actively welcome collaborations and I am particularly seeking companies who would like to improve their in vitro skin culture test platforms.