Dr Michal Weiszer

Dr Michal Weiszer

Teaching Fellow

Engineering 147, Mile End

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Expertise: Optimisation, metaheuristics, operational research and their applications such as airport operations.

Brief Biography

Dr. Michal Weiszer is a Research Assistant and Teaching Fellow at School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London . He has published more than 40 scientific papers in areas of routing and scheduling, multi-objective optimisation, simulation, and intelligent transportation systems. His research was integral in the newly proposed Active Routing concept for airport ground movement which integrated aircraft engine performance and airframe dynamics with routing and scheduling with focus on greener operations. The Active Routing lead to a major EPSRC sponsored TRANSIT project (EP/N029496/1) where he was the Research Co-Investigator. He was awarded QMUL Flexible Innovation Fund as the PI. The developed Integrated Airport Airside Simulation, Control and Decision-making Environment led to further two Impact Acceleration projects with Avisu and the biggest UK player in air traffic control (NATS) where he is the Co-I.