Dr Kan Chen


Key Publications

  • Chen K, Du B, Bonini N, Weber C, Yan H and Reece MJ (2016). "Theory-Guided Synthesis of an Eco-Friendly and Low-Cost Copper Based Sulfide Thermoelectric Material." Journal of Physical Chemistry C  vol. 120, (48) 27135-27140.

All Publications



    • Zambotti A, Caldesi E, Pellizzari M, Valentini F, Pegoretti A, Dorigato A, Speranza G, Chen K, Bortolotti M, Sorarù GD and Biesuz M (2021). "Polymer-derived silicon nitride aerogels as shape stabilizers for low and high-temperature thermal energy storage." Journal of The European Ceramic Society  vol. 41, (11) 5484-5494.
    • Baláž M, Dobrozhan O, Tešinský M, Zhang RZ, Džunda R, Dutková E, Rajňák M, Chen K, Reece MJ and Baláž P (2021). "Scalable and environmentally friendly mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline rhodostannite (Cu2FeSn3S8)." Powder Technology  vol. 388, 192-200.
    • Baláž P, Achimovičová M, Baláž M, Chen K, Dobrozhan O, Guilmeau E, Hejtmánek J, Knížek K, Kubíčková L, Levinský P, Puchý V, Reece MJ, Varga P and Zhang R (2021). "Thermoelectric Cu-S-Based Materials Synthesized via a Scalable Mechanochemical Process." Acs Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering  vol. 9, (5) 2003-2016.
    • Chen K, Nuttall C, Stefanaki E, Placha K, Tuley R, Simpson K, Bos JWG and Reece MJ (2021). "Fast synthesis of n-type half-heusler TiNiSn thermoelectric material." Scripta Materialia  vol. 191, 71-75.


    • Yu J, Chen K, Azough F, Alvarez-Ruiz DT, Reece MJ and Freer R (2020). "Enhancing the thermoelectric performance of calcium cobaltite ceramics by tuning composition and processing." Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces  vol. 12, (42) 47634-47646.
    • D'Isanto F, Smeacetto F, Reece MJ, Chen K and Salvo M (2020). "Oxidation protective glass coating for magnesium silicide based thermoelectrics." Ceramics International  vol. 46, (15) 24312-24317.
    • Chen K, Di Paola C, Laricchia S, Reece MJ, Weber C, McCabe E, Abrahams I and Bonini N (2020). "Structural and electronic evolution in the Cu3SbS4-Cu3SnS4solid solution." Royal Society of Chemistry  Journal of Materials Chemistry C  vol. 8, (33) 11508-11516.
    • Biesuz M, Saunders TG, Chen K, Bortolotti M, Salvo M, Grasso S and Reece MJ (2020). "Interfacial reaction between ZrNbHfTa foil and graphite: Formation of high-entropy carbide and the effect of heating rate on its microstructure." Journal of The European Ceramic Society  vol. 40, (7) 2699-2708.
    • TANG W, Zhang J, RATNASINGHAM SR, Liscio F, CHEN K, Liu T, Wan K, Suena Galindez E, Bilotti E, Reece M, Baxendale M, Milita S, McLachlan M, Su L and Fenwick O (2020). "Substitutional doping of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite crystals for thermoelectrics." Royal Society of Chemistry (Rsc)  Journal of Materials Chemistry A 


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    • Du B, Zhang R, Liu M, Chen K, Zhang H and Reece MJ (2019). "Crystal structure and improved thermoelectric performance of iron stabilized cubic Cu 3 SbS 3 compound." Journal of Materials Chemistry C  vol. 7, (2) 394-404.
    • Gao Z, Xiong Z, Li J, Lu C, Zhang G, Zeng T, Ma Y, Ma G, Zhang R, Chen K, Zhang T, Liu Y, Yang J, Cao L and Jin K (2019). "Enhanced thermoelectric performance of higher manganese silicides by shock-induced high-density dislocations." Journal of Materials Chemistry A  vol. 7, (7) 3384-3390.
    • Srivastava D, Norman C, Azough F, Ekren D, Chen K, Reece MJ, Kinloch IA and Freer R (2019). "Anisotropy and enhancement of thermoelectric performance of Sr0.8La0.067Ti0.8Nb0.2O3-: δ ceramics by graphene additions." Journal of Materials Chemistry A  vol. 7, (42) 24602-24613.



    • Watkinson EJ, Ambrosi RM, Kramer DP, Williams HR, Reece MJ, Chen K, Sarsfield MJ, Barklay CD, Fenwick H, Weston DP and Stephenson K (2017). "Sintering trials of analogues of americium oxides for radioisotope power systems." Journal of Nuclear Materials  vol. 491, 18-30.
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