Dr Jun Chen
BSc (Honours), MSc (Distinction), PhD, FHEA


Research Group Members

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Advanced Intelligent Control for Building Management System
Effective Energy and Infrastructure Management through Simulation-based Optimisation
Integrated Airport Airside Simulation, Control & Decision-making
Learning Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms for Time-dependent Multi-objective Multigraph Allied to Airport Automation
Learning-Enabled Selection Hyper-Heuristics for Network Design Optimisation Using Knowledge-Based System
Model Based Control for Soft Robots
modeling and algorithm design in transportation system
Rich Simulation Driven Design Optimisation
Routing and scheduling movement at airports considering interdependence & intermediate holding.
SEMS-PHD-507 (2023 SEMS CSC JC), SEMS-PHD-447 (2023 SEMS XW)
Trustable Public Transit through Integrated Multimodal Transit Networks and Trip Planning

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Multi-objective shortest path approach for routing and scheduling2024