Dr Xinru Deng
MEng, PhD


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    • Xue R, Deng X, Xu X, Tian Y, Hasan A, Mata A, Zhang L and Liu L (2023). Elastin-like recombinamer-mediated hierarchical mineralization coatings on Zr-16Nb-xTi (x = 4,16 wt%) alloy surfaces improve biocompatibility. Biomaterials Advances, Elsevier vol. 151 


    • Shi Y, Wareham DW, Yuan Y, Deng X, Mata A and Azevedo HS (2021). Polymyxin B-Triggered Assembly of Peptide Hydrogels for Localized and Sustained Release of Combined Antimicrobial Therapy. Advanced Healthcare Materials 
    • Deng X, Hasan A, Elsharkawy S, Tejeda-Montes E, Tarakina NV, Greco G, Nikulina E, Stormonth-Darling JM, Convery N, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Boyde A, Gadegaard N, Pugno NM, Al-Jawad M and Mata A (2021). Topographically guided hierarchical mineralization. Materials Today Bio, Elsevier vol. 11