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Dr Yiwei Sun
BSc, PhD

Dr Sun
Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Supervisors: Prof Sir Colin HumphreysDr Oliver Fenwick
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 5301
Location: 373, Engineering, Mile End
Networks: ORCiD Google Scholar LinkedIn
Expertise: Dr Yiwei Sun's research focuses on nanomechanics of graphene and environmental effect on graphene, answering questions as how thick is one layer of carbon atoms, do graphene devices perform the same around the world, why is graphite a lubricant?
Research keywords: Graphene, Nanomechnics, Environmental Effect, Raman Spectroscopy, DFT, High Pressure Techniques
Affiliations: Member of American Physical Society

Brief Biography

Dr Yiwei Sun obtained BSc in Physics at Fudan University, China and PhD in Physics at Queen Mary University of London, UK. As a postdoc, he joined Electrical Engineering department at Zhejiang University, China on graphene electrical devices and then Biochemical Engineering at University of Brimingham, UK on Graphene-virus biosensors.