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Dr Sheetal Inamdar
MEng, PhD


Research Overview

Cartilage, Collagen, Small angle x-ray diffraction (SAXD), Nanomechanics, Multi-scale modelling, Biomechanics


My current research focuses on the application of Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) in understanding the nanoscale structure-function relationship in cartilage, more specifically to determine and quantify the role of the collagen fibrils in providing the tissue with its macroscale mechanical properties. Furthermore, we are interested in the age related mechanisms that lead to altered tissue structure and mechanics through nanomechanical changes the collagen matrix.

Our group utilises a novel approach in developing a multiscale understanding of biological tissues. We have developed specialised nanomechanical imaging methods by combining in-situ mechanics with high brilliance synchrotron X-ray radiation. Using this technique, we are able to determine multiple fibrillar parameters and provide a direct method of quantifying real-time effects.