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Dr Sheetal Inamdar
MEng, PhD

Dr Inamdar
Position: Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Supervisors: Dr Himadri GuptaProf Martin Knight
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 3119
Location: 327, Engineering, Mile End
Networks: LinkedIn
Expertise: My work is focused on understanding how the collagen network in cartilage contributes to the tissues mechanical properties both in health and disease. More specifically, I utilise small angle X-ray scattering techniques combined with in-situ mechanics to probe the complex nanoscale mechanisms within the tissue. This combined methodology provides real time information into how the collagen fibrils behave under tissue level loading.
Research keywords: Cartilage, Collagen, Small angle x-ray diffraction (SAXD), Nanomechanics, Multi-scale modelling, Biomechanics