Dr Siamak Khosroshahi

Dr Siamak  Khosroshahi

Postdoctoral researcher

Engineering 301, Mile End

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Supervisor: Dr Wei Tan
Expertise: My research aims at designing robust and light energy absorbing parts. This includes experimental testing, computational simulation and data-driven optimisation methods.

Brief Biography

I am a post-doctoral researcher in computer aided engineering (CAE) in the Mechanics of Composite Materials (MCM) Group. I have more than ten years of (industrial and academic) experience in the field of design, material characterization and computational mechanics. I have got my PhD in the field of "new energy absorbing materials" from University of Padova in Italy and worked as a researcher at Imperial College London and UCL from 2019 to 2021. I am now working on the use of AI methods in topology optimisation of energy absorbing cellular structures, funded by the EPRSC CELLCOMP project.