Mr Shafir Iqbal

Mr Shafir Iqbal

Cell & (Human) Tissue Containment Level 2 Laboratory Technician

+44 (0)20 7882 6991
Mile End
Expertise: Provides comprehensive technical support for staff and students in the School to enable the achievement of teaching and research aims and objectives, in relation to cell culture and human tissue. To be responsible for the operation and upkeep of the biological containment level 2 laboratory areas of Cell and (Human)Tissue. Responsible for the instruction, training, guidance, advice and supervision of staff and students in the use of laboratory equipment and techniques as appropriate.

Brief Biography

Previously worked at;

Isolagen therapy- culturing patient skin fibroblast cells. Identifying replication competent cells that are confirmed to contain collagen in vitro, which are injected intradermally at the intended treatment site.

Spirogen Ltd- cytotoxicity testing of innovative cancer drugs on tumor cell lines.

Ambulance co-ordinator for the NHS- organising ambulances for the elderly in distress.

London Metropolitan University- Biology technician, organising teaching sessions for lecturers.

College of North East London- Biology technician, organising practical sessions for lecturers.