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Prof Vassili Toropov


Research Overview

  • Development of design optimization techniques for large-scale problems with computationally expensive and noisy function values (e.g. obtained by a crash simulation or CFD analysis), particularly based on multipoint approximation techniques, multi-fidelity modelling, evolutionary techniques. Implementation in HPC environment.
  • Applications to various engineering systems (collaboration with Rolls-Royce, Airbus, DLR, Altair Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, Parker Hannifin, TU Delft, Hiroshima University and other companies and research organisations).
  • Improvement of reliability and robustness of engineering systems (collaboration with Rolls-Royce, TU Delft, Hiroshima University, Altair Engineering).
  • Optimization of composite structures (collaboration with DLR, Altair Engineering, Airbus).
  • Inverse problems including material parameter identification (collaboration with Hiroshima University) and structural damage recognition.