Dr Petra Ágota Szilágyi


Research Overview

functional materials, nanomaterials, metal-organic frameworks, surface functionalisation, energy storage, energy conversion, catalysis, hydrogen


My present research is focussed on the geometry and surface-chemistry control of supported nanoclusters for energy conversion and storage.

In particular, I am involved in exploring the potential of these supported nanoclusters as heterogeneous catalysts for fuel synthesis. Heterogeneous catalyst activity is largely dependent on the proportion of surface atoms and their chemical state. Through well-defined pore geometries and functionalised pore surfaces, the use of metal-organic frameworks as both templates and supporting matrices allows the geometry and surface-chemistry control of the embedded nanoclusters. This results in well-defined and made-to-measure ratio and chemical state of the surface atoms, rendering the engineering of the catalytic activities of the supported nanoclusters possible.