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Dr Radomir Slavchov


Research Group News

June 2019

Looking for a PhD student!

6 June 2019

If you are finishing your undergraduate studies, and you like charges, surfaces and theory, then consider becoming a PhD student in our group. The question that you will have to answer during your PhD are: - Why is the surface of pure water negatively charged? - What are the forces … [more]

February 2019

Featured in Soft Matter: decanol and dodecanol desorb from the surface of water following mixed barrier–diffusion kinetics.

Featured in Soft Matter: measuring the barrier adsorption/desorption rate of alohols on water

18 February 2019

The rate of adsorption/desorption of small molecules is generally assumed to proceed under diffusion control; the rate of the flip-flop like attachment/detachment is considered extremely fast. Well guess what? Even molecules as small as decanol have to overcome a significant barrier, tens of kJ/mol, to desorb. Morover, … [more]