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Dr Yi Sui
PhD, MInstP, Fellow HEA


Research Group Members

PhD students

Wenjie Zhu (2014 - Co-supervise with Wang)     Rebecca Horton (2014- Co-supervise with Wang)

Awais Yousaf  (2015 - Co-supervise with Greenwald)      Qin Guo (2015 -)

Tao Lin (2016 - )

Nabila Naz (2017-)


Fan Wang (2013-2017) Current:

Zhen Wang (PhD, 2013-2017) Current: Postdoc at Leeds Univ

Yongpan Cheng (Distinguished Fellow, 2015-2017) Current: Full Prof, North China Power Electric Univ

Ke Zhang (Distinguished Fellow, 2015-2017) Current: Associate Prof, Harbin Institute of Tech, China


" I hope you will not only judge yourself by the professional accomplishment alone, but also how well you have addressed the world’s deepest inequities, and how well you have treated people a world away who have nothing in common with you but they are humanity." - Bill Gates


Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
CHEN, ChengLarge Eddy Simulation of Supercritical Fuel Injection and Spray Combustion
GUO, ZiyuModelling and characterisation of cells in flows
LU, RuixinNumerical simulation of cell dynamics in inertial flows
NABI, RaheemEnhanced Heat Transfer For Engineering Cooling Systems Using CFD For Acoustically Driven Flows.
NAZ, NabilaNumerical simulation of electrohydrodynamics
SAMAD, HudairMicrofluidics for sorting circulating tumor cells
XIA, YuExperimental and theoretical investigation of organic Rankine cycles
YOUSAF, AwaisExperimental and Computational Investigation of vibrations at the skin surface caused by the flow disturbance in stenosed tubes.
ZHAO, LuoguangNumerical simulation of cells in flows

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
LIN, TaoThe dynamics of particles in flows with applications in material sciences and biomedical engineering (2021)
GUO, QinApplications of cell dynamics in the separation and viscoelastic measurement of cells (2020)
MOHANAMURALY, PavanakumarFast Adjoint-assisted Multilevel Multifidelity Method for Uncertainty Quantification of the Aleatoric Kind (2019)
ZHU, WenjieThe focusing of a capsule in inertial microfluidics (2019)
ZHANG, XingchenCAD-based geometry parametrisation in shape optimisation using Non-Uniform Rational B-Spines (2018)
WANG, FanNumerical Simulation of Moving Contact Lines (2017)
WANG, ZhenTransport of Drug-Delivery Capsules in Microcirculation (2017)