Prof Wen Wang


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr Li
LI, Weiqi

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
FENG, SenOptimal control of sustainable energy systems
LIN, TaoThe dynamics of particles in flows with applications in material sciences and biomedical engineering
LIU, ChenxinNovel role of LncRNA-MEG9 in SMC differentiation
LU, RuixinNumerical simulation of cell dynamics in inertial flows
NIU, KaiyuanIL-10 signalling in human vascular development (human vascular cell differentiation from induced-pluripotent stem cell (iPSC))
PANG, XinqingEngineering the endothelial glycocalyx through defined patterns of peptide self-assembled monolayers
RUDDLESDEN, MichaelMulti-Mode Fibre Imaging & Sensing
WANG, SikunAdvanced Study of Holographic Acoustic Trapping using Ultrasound
WANG, YufeiSingle optical fibre imaging
YUAN, YuNavier Stokes flows with meshless finite block method
ZHANG, YuezhouNanomechanical and ultrastructural investigation of prostate cancer cell lines
ZHAO, LuoguangNumerical simulation of cells in flows

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
FU, SuThe role of primary cilia in the anti-inflammatory effects of mechanical loading in cartilage cells. (2019)
GUO, TianyuExploring the circulating biomarkers for prostate cancer progression and treatment monitoring. (2019)
LUO, PiaopiaoMircrofluidic-based Model of the Microvasculature to Study the Impact of Glycocalyx on Angiogenesis (2019)
WU, YuanhaoDisordered protein-graphene oxide co-assembly and supramolecular biofabrication of functional fluidic devices (2019)
ZHU, WenjieThe focusing of a capsule in inertial microfluidics (2019)
DING, WeiMolecular simulation of lipid membranes (2018)
JIVANI, SaqibMultiscale Simulation on Phase Change Heat Transfer (2018)
MO, JingyiAdaptable Mechanics of Mutable Collagenous Tissue at the Nanoscale: A Natural Dynamic Biomaterial (2018)
TANG, PeiGenerating modular synthetic proteins (2018)
AROKIASAMY, SamanthaThe role of the glycocalyx in neutrophil interactions with cellular components of the vessel wall (2017)
WANG, ZhenTransport of Drug-Delivery Capsules in Microcirculation (2017)
CHEN, XiaInvestigating the effects of cholesterol on phospholipid bilayer with molecular dynamics simulations. (2016)
JIA, LiyongMicro-structure reorganisation of the aortic heart valve under a biaxial loading condition (2016)
LIN, MiaoInteraction between the circulating blood and vascular endothelial cells in health & disease. Cell Mechanics for endothelial glycocalyx (2016)
WANG, ZhaoThe effects of the rate of hypo-osmotic challenge and IFT88 mutation on the biomechanics of chondrocytes. (2016)
YANG, JunyaoThe role of HDAC7-related peptide in stem cell differentiation towards endothelial cell (2016)
YU, BaoqiThe synergistic role of mechanical stimuli and VEGF treatment in stem cell differentiation to endothelial cells (2016)
DEO, Devendra InderMicrocapsule for targetted drug delivery to diseased tissues (2015)
LI, Wei-QiElectrical stimulation on cell-cell interactions in vitro (2015)
LU, ZhengjunMicrofluidics for a novel bioreactor (2015)
WANG, XiaocongThe Role of DKK3 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Differentiation (2015)
YU, XiaoMMP 8 plays an important role in smooth muscle cell differentiation from stem cells. (2015)
LIU, WeizhiMicrocapsule internalization be cells in vitro caused by physical and biochemical stimuli (2014)
QIU, LinNovel polymeric matrix and its interaction withbiological cells (2014)
BAI, KeSpatial distribution, temporal development and mechanical properties of the endothelial glycocalyx in vitro (2012)
LIU, YankaiModelling studies on biological tissue property and mechanical responses under external stimuli (2012)
CHAI, ChanyuanCan Interface Conditions be Modified by Support Surfaces to Minimise the Risk of Pressure Ulcer Development? (2011)
LUO, ZhenlingmicroRNAs play a role in human embryonic stem cell differentiation into endothelial cells (2011)
YE, Shang JunComputational modelling of flows in porous scaffold materials using a lattice Boltzmann method (2011)
GUO, LeiNovel biosensors and Their application in Mass Transport (2009)
LI, WeiOxygen and glucose utilization of different cell types in vitro-measurements using invasivce and non-invasive techniques (2007)
WANG, Qianqian (2007)
LU, Y (2006)
YIN, X Protein changes associated with embryonic stem cell differentiation to vascular smooth muscle cells (2006)
LI, ZY (2004)