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Dr Wei Tan


Research Group Members

PhD students:

Emilio Felipe Gomez: Emilio is a second-year PhD student working on the thermal-mechanical modelling of graphene-related materials. (Supervisors: Dr Wei Tan, Prof. James Busfield, Prof. Nicola Pugno)

Hirak Kansara: Hirak is a first-year PhD student working on data-driven mechanics of cellular composite materials. (Supervisors: Dr Wei Tan, Dr. Pihua Wen, Dr Han Zhang)  

Ravi Dhirani: Ravi is a first-year PhD student working on the mechanical Properties of Micro Pillars in Hydrophobic Surface. (Supervisors: Dr Colin Crick, Dr Wei Tan)

Zhengqiang Chen: Zhengqiang is a visiting PhD student from Beihang University, China. He is working on the Low-velocity impact damage and fatigue damage modelling of carbon fibre composites. (Supervisor: Dr Wei Tan)

MEng Students

Project title: 3D Printed Cellular Composites for Impact Mitigation or Crash Energy Absorption

Group members: KOH Gary,  VARGHESE Merrin Rose,  KANSARA Hirak, LUK John Zhu Xuan

Project title: The crashworthiness of carbon nanotube composite electrodes for energy-storage applications.

Group members: NASIRUDDIN Abdulaziz, KOLIOLIOS Evangelos, MILLS Daniel, ROGERS Dean