Prof Vassili Toropov


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
ABID, Hussain AliTheoretical and computational modelling of airframe / propulsion interaction noise for reduced noise aircraft design
BONTOFT, ElliotResearch - Multidisciplinary multifidelity stochastic topology optimisation Title - Level Set Multidisciplinary Topology Optimisation
GAI, NianObserver Design and Applications
GRYAZEV, VasilyHot Jet Noise Modelling
JIA, DongshengOptimization of deployable structures used for drug delivery
LIAO, ZhijingWave Energy Converter Modelling and Control
SCHLAPS, RalfNovel 3D Shapes for MDO of Fans and Compressors

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
CALONI, StefanoMulti-disciplinary multi-objective design optimisation of the shroudless rotor tip for the high pressure turbines (2019)
GUGALA, MateuszAboutFlow CFD (2019)
OLLAR, JonathanA Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation Framework for Structural Problems with Disparate Variable Dependence (2017)