Dr Oliver Fenwick


Research Group Members

PhD Students:

Thibault Degousee

Tianjun Liu

Sally Luong

Weidong Tang

Eugenio Suena Galindez

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr Sun
SUN, Yiwei
Dr Trifiletti

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
DEGOUS, ThibaultOrganic thermoelectric materials
FORRESTER, ChloeFerroelectric-enhanced photovoltaics: synthesis and study of photovoltaic-ferroelectric nanocomposites
KERNIN, ArnaudKirigami-engineering of polymer nanocomposites films
LIU, TianjunHybrid organic-inorganic perovskite thermoelectric materials
LUONG, SallyN-type organic thermoelectric materials
MOHANAKRISHNAN, JeviyaTowards in-vivo electrochemical imaging with flexible, light-addressable organic semiconductor electrodes
SUENA GALINDEZ, EugenioFully printed thermoelectric devices.
TANG, WeidongDoping of halide perovskites with heterovalent cations for thermoelectric applications
WAN, KeningConductive Polymers and Polymer Nanocomposites for Flexible Thermoelectrics