Dr Hasan Shaheed
PhD (Sheffield), PGCAP (London), SFHEA, MIEEE, CEng, MIET, NTF


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
,Modelling and control of stiffness controllable, inflatable robot links.
ABUHAJAR, SaraOptimization and control of renewable energy systems for stand-alone applications such as water desalination
FAKHR ABDOLLAHI, AfsoonRobotic Active Capsule Endoscope (RACE): advanced design, fabrication and control
HERNANDEZ LOPEZ, DavidModeling and control of a mater-slave (MS) robotic system for medical applications
LIAO, ZhijingWave Energy Converter Modelling and Control
PU, JinhuanThe Investigation of Battery Thermal Management Based on Phase Change Cooling
SHAMS, SalmanApplication of ANNs for Classification, Command and Control of EMG driven Prosthetic Limbs
SUN, ChaoranDesign Modelling and Control of a Solar-powered rotary aerial vehicle
YANG, LiweiInvestigation of solar assisted air source heat pumps.

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
ABIDALI, AlyDesign, fabrication, and control of a solar-powered multi-rotor micro aerial vehicle (2019)
CHEN, YingxueModelling, control and performance optimisation of renewable energy systems (2019)
OBADINA, OloladeModelling and Control of a Master-Slave Robotic Manipulator System (2019)
ELYASIGOMARI, VahidPrognosis and classification of multi-category diseases using biological data (2017)
TAO, TianyiDesign modelling and control of a miniature robotic system for surgical applications (2017)
WIJEWARDANA, SingappuliModel Predictive Controller design for an Efficient Hybrid Energy Wind/Solar/FC/BS Power System. (2017)
HE, WeiModelling, optimisation and control of osmotic energy extraction from natural salinity gradients using pressure retarded osmosis (2016)
HASAN, MdModelling and Interactional Control of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand for Grasping and Manipulation (2015)
RAHIDEH, AkbarModel Identification and Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Twin Rotor MIMO System (2009)
BALASUBRAMANIAN, KarthickCoaxial electrohydrodynamic atomisation of suspensions (2007)
PARETA, RajeshElectrohydrodynamic Processing and Forming of Biological Systems for Biomedical Applications (2006)
WILLIAMS, SusanInvestigation into the use of a purpose-designed continuous ink jet printer for the deposition of ceramics on different substrates (2005)
LI, XudongNovel precursors for SiC-AIN ceramics: synthesis, structural characterisation and conversion (2004)
JAYASINGHE, SuwanElectrostatic atomization of viscous liquids and suspensions (2003)
TAY, Bee YenContinuous direct ink-jet printing (2001)
ERSHADI-OSKOUI, Gholam HusseinMicrofabricated Devices for Sensing & Stimulation (0000)