Dr Lorenzo Botto


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr Kamal
KAMAL, Catherine
Dr Gravelle

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
JESUDASAN, RejishAn Adaptive Parametrisation Method for Shape Optimisation Using Adjoint Sensitivities

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
SALUSSOLIA, GiuliaA numerical study of the flow dynamics of graphene sheets based on continuum simulations (2019)
XIA, HuihuiCharacterization of the Naturally Pulsating Electrohydrodynamic spraying (2019)
DODHY, AsadFinger printing of different shading stem cells based on cell morphometrics (2018)
GU, ChuanFlow simulation of colloidal particles near and in fluid interfaces (2018)
ORIANI, MattiaDiscretisation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using mimetic finite differences. (2018)
STRATFORD DEVALBA, DavidSliding Friction in Elastomers (2018)
ZHANG, GannianUnderstanding liquid movements in textiles for the development of liquid-repellent strategies (2018)