Prof Kaspar Althoefer


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
,Robotics ARQ
,Modelling and control of stiffness controllable, inflatable robot links.
,Unmanned aerial vehicles
,Investigation of new Haptic Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) Sensor Systems and Data Analytics for Robotics
AL-JABER, FaisalShape Reconstruction Sensor for Continuum Robots
DAWOOD, DawoodSoft sensors for soft robots
FAKHR ABDOLLAHI, AfsoonRobotic Active Capsule Endoscope (RACE): advanced design, fabrication and control
FAN, PengfeiDeep learning optical imaging and sensing
FRAS, JanSoft Robotic Hands
HASSAN, AhmedFabric-based eversion type Soft robotic gripper
HERNANDEZ LOPEZ, DavidModeling and control of a mater-slave (MS) robotic system for medical applications
JIANG, ZhujinReconfigurable legged mobile robots
LI, WalinInvestigation of Soft Tactile Sensor Applied for Robotic Finger
PATEL, NavinCooperative multi-agent robotic systems
PUERTOLAS BALINT, LuisExoskeleton for haptic immersion
PUTZU, FabrizioSoft and stiffness-controllable robots
VENTURA, LeonardoMechanical behaviour of kirigami
WANG, XuechunDeep learning assisted optical sensing
ZHANG, YujiaControl of Soft Robotic Manipulators