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Prof Julia Shelton
BA(Cantab) PhD(Lond)


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
DIAZ-LOPEZ, ReynolTaper Junctions in modular total hip arthroplasty
MENG, HongxuMultiplex bio-mechanics analysis for tracing the robust differentiation of stem cells at single-cell level

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
RAJI, Halimat-shaddiyaWear and corrosion testing of modular hip prostheses (2018)
XU, JingThe effects of cobalt and chromium ions and nanoparticles on macrophage and fibroblast behaviour (2018)
RAJA, MohammadDevelopment of Materials and Joining Technologies for Rapid Bone Fracture Healing (2017)
DI FEDERICO, EricaComplex mechanical conditioning of cell-seeded constructs can influence chondrocyte activity (2015)
DE VILLIERS, Danielle SimoneAccelerated wear protocols for understanding clinical wear in modern hip prostheses (2014)
HOTHI, Hardip SinghThe Impact and Deformation of Press-Fit Metal Acetablular Components (2012)
ROYLE, MatthewInfluence of coatings on ion release from large diameter metal-on-metal hip bearings (2012)
WARD, Philip AThe influence of test parameters and surface modifications on the wear of total hip replacements (2011)
TOORANI, ShimaThe Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Behaviours of Tendons (2010)
ANGADJI, ArashIn vitro wear of metal-on-metal hip replacements: a multifactorial problem. (2008)
MAEDA, EijiroTemporal regulation of tenocyte metabolism in strained fascicles (2008)
ALTAF, HThe inflammatory response to particulate wear debris in the context of total hip replacements (2007)
SAADALLA, MEA new modified injectable brushite-based calcium phosphate bone cement (2006)
HUSSAIN, ACharacterisation of wear particles generated during accelerated testing of total hip replacements (2005)
SCREEN, Hazel RCThe contribution of structural components to tendon mechanics. (2003)
BERRY, CatherineThe influence of tensile strain on fibroblasts in culture. (2002)
BOWSHER, JAccelerated wear testing methodologies for total hip replacements. (2002)
SABERI, RezminCharacterization of femoral prostheses using refined holographic interferometric techniques (2000)
MCDOUGAL, IainBiaxial fatigue of titanium-6 aluminium-4 vara for total hip replacements (1999)
MUSHIPE, MosesUse of biomaterial particulates in bone repair. (1999)
MO, NingMechanical characterisation of bone with laser speckle photography (1996)
KATZ, DavidHolographic interferometry in the biomechanical analysis of loading patterns in the human femur (1992)