Prof John Stark
BSc(Exon) MSc(Man) PhD(Lond) FRAS FRAeS


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
FERRERI, AlessandroDouble layer charging in electrospray thrusters for space applications
GUEVARA MORALES, GuillermoMixed mode colloid electric propulsion
NAZ, NabilaNumerical simulation of electrohydrodynamics
ZAMAN, Ar-RafiControlling Ion Emission in a Colloid Thruster

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
BUTTERWORTH, EmmaNanofabrication and Engineering of Gene Delivery Vectors (2019)
XIA, HuihuiCharacterization of the Naturally Pulsating Electrohydrodynamic spraying (2019)
KHODA, Tushar PravinchandraFine control of electrospray for spacecraft propulsion (2018)
KRISHNAMOORTHY, MahenthaDeveloping Cationic Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery (2016)
RYAN, CharlesInfluence of electrostatics upon electrospray with the intention of application to colloid thrusters (2010)
SHELDON, AndrewVisualization of fluid motions inside Taylor cones using dye tracer (2010)
TAN, ZhikaiMechanisms involved in the electrospray of biological macromolecules (2010)
ALVES, NDirect Simulation Monte Carlo of non-equilibrium rarefied flows (2005)
NOMBRO, JPA The effects of selected orbital environmental factors on painted launcher upper stages and modelling of their contribution to the small size space debris population (2005)
SMITH, KCharacterisation of electrospary properties in high vacuum with a view to application in colloid thruster technology (2005)