Dr Helena Azevedo
MEng, PhD


Research Group Members

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr Shi
SHI, Yejiao
Dr Lyu
LYU, Yaqi

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
ALEXIS, CardeeStudy of Liquid-liquid interfaces
BALANGTAA, JacobSelf-assembled peptide droplet interfaces for simple screening of stem cell microenvironments and micromanipulation of colonies
MAJKOWSKA, AnnaFunctionalisation of a protein-peptide self-assembled composite system: towards a more complex functional biomaterial
MENDOZA MARTINEZ, Ana KarenBiofabrication of self-assembling fluidic devices for modelling ovarian cancer under fluid flow
MONACO, AlessandraSynthesis of Glycopolymers and their interactions with lectins
MUNOZ CASTRO, NataliaDeveloping Bone Secondary Microenvironments for Personalised Medicine
PANG, XinqingEngineering the endothelial glycocalyx through defined patterns of peptide self-assembled monolayers
SILVA BLANKENAGEL, KarenPolymeric Hydrogel Waveguide for Clinical Applications
WU, LinkeHyaluronic acid-based peptide-functionalised engineered soft matrices via thiol-ene coupling
YUAN, YichenPeptide-Hyaluronan Hydrogels for Ocular Applications

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
AKSAKAL, SuzanSynthesis and polymerization of thioester containing compounds (2019)
COLLIS, DominicHyaluronan (HA) glycopolymers and self-assembling HA-binding peptides: a synthetic toolbox for probing HA-peptide/protein interactions and creating supramolecular HA biomaterials (2019)
DIBBLE, MatthewDeveloping a novel organ-on-a-chip model to study ovarian cancer (2019)
O'MALLEY, ClareSelf-assembled monolayers to create novel surfaces utilising peptides identified by phage display for in vitro study of cancer stem cells. (2019)
RADVAR, ElhamSupramolecular hybrid peptide/polymer biomaterials as tissue-mimetic environments (2019)
SHAHANE, GaneshMolecular Simulations of Complex Lipid Bilayers and their Interactions with Antimicrobial Lipopeptides. (2019)
HARTWEG, ManuelInvestigating poly(2-oxazoline)s and poly(2-oxazine)s as engine oil additives (2018)
SHI, YejiaoMolecular Design and Self-assembly of Multifunctional and Stimuli-responsive Peptide Nanostructures (2018)
INOSTROZA BRITO, KarlaDevelopment of a novel hydrogel system based on the combination of peptide amphiphiles and elastin-like polymers for cartilage and disc tissue engineering (2017)
FERREIRA, DanielaDeveloping Bioactive Self-Assembling Matrices for Wound Healing (0000)