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Dr Emiliano Bilotti


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
AGRAWAL, AdyantMathematical and computational modelling of exfoliation in liquids
BERTEI, ClaudiaPhysical, mechanical and structural properties of organogels for oral care application
BHATTI, Muhammad RehanPhoto-responsive HDPE films: Effect of additive Concentration, Film Thickness and Draw Ratio on Stress Relaxation and Photo-mechanical work
DOWDEN, AliceSilicone elastomers and 3D printing
KERNIN, ArnaudKirigami-engineering of polymer nanocomposites films
KUDRIAVTCEVA, ValeriiaRemote controlled drug depot systems
TANG, WeidongDoping of halide perovskites with heterovalent cations for thermoelectric applications
VENTURA, LeonardoMechanical behaviour of kirigami
YU, XiangyanFerroelectric polymers

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
LIU, YiFlexible Self-regulating Heating Composites (2019)
SANTAGIULIANA, GiovanniPreparation, Characterisation, and modelling of graphene-based polymer nanocomposites (2019)
TAO, YinpingPredicting the fatigue life and introducing structural health monitoring in cord reinforced rubber composites. (2019)
TARONI JUNIOR, ProsperoConductive polymer materials for thermoelectric applications (2019)
WINDSLOW, RichardComputational Modelling of Fracture Processes in Elastomeric Seals. (2018)
YU, MinProcessing and properties of carbon-ceramic composites (2018)
ASARE, EricSmartNanoHeat - Self-regulating heating compounds (2017)
GAO, YuqingGraphene/polymer composites through melt compounding and multilayer coextrusion (2017)
LI, YanNanosynth รข?? In-situ exfoliation of graphene in resins (2017)
MENG, NanBlends of Ferroelectric Polymer: Processing, Structure and Property (2017)
WU, GuangchangPredicting tyre compound wear. (2017)
HUANG, MenglongThe Strain Dependent Dielectric Behaviour of Carbon Black Filled Natural Rubber (2016)
ZHANG, HanHybrid CFRP-CNT Micro-nanocomposites with Improved Fracture Toughness and Integrated Damage Sensing Capability. (2016)
MAI, FangBio-based All-Polymer Composites: Processing, Structure and Property (2015)