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Dr Eldad Avital


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
CHAIDOS, AgamemnonExperimental study into the performance of vertical axis wind turbines
CHEN, YangFluid-Structure Interaction Modelling for Smart Blades of Renewable Energy Turbines
MATHTHUMAGODAGE DON, VasanaComputational Investigation of Supersonic Cavity Flows and Passive Controls
MI, ShuoFluid-Structure Interaction of offshore aquaculture units and particle dynamics for disinfection control

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
WANG, MingyangHydrodynamics and Suspended Sediment Transport in Partially Vegetated Channel Flows (2021)
AHMED, Moin UddinConstruction and testing of turbocharger-based micro gas turbine (2020)
MYKHASKIV, OrestOptimal shape design with automatically differentiated CAD parametrisations (2020)
YAN, YanAerodynamic performance improvement of vertical axis wind turbines through novel techniques (2020)
AI, KaimingHydrodynamic performance of HAMCTs in steady and unsteady flows (2019)
HEFFRON, AndrewCentrifugal compressor design, blade aerodynamics and drag reduction (2017)
HOSSEINI, GhazalehSimulation of stenting urinary systems (2017)
SHEN, XiangExperimental and Numerical Study of Surface Curvature Effects on the Performance of the Aerofoils Used in Small Wind Turbines (2017)
WANG, YangRobust and Stable discrete adjoint solver development for shape optimisation of incompressible flows with industrial applications (2017)
BAI, XinNumerical Simulation of a Marine Current Turbine in Turbulent Flow (2015)
SALEH, ZainabAn investigation into Turbine Blade Tip Leakage Flows at High Speeds (2015)
IKRAM, ZaheerNumerical investigation of the effect of free-surface flow past submerged bluff and streamlined bodies (2012)
NAYEBOSSADRI, ShahrzadComputational and Experimental Study of Nasal Cavity Airflow Dynamics (2012)
AHMAD, ArsalanExperimental Aeroacoustics Study on Jet Noise Reduction Using Tangential Air Injection (2011)
ALONSO, MikelComputational aeroacoustics study of circular and elliptical jets (2007)