Prof Andy Bushby
BSc(Eng), PhD, FRMS, MInstPhys


Research Group Members

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title
,3D characterisation of flocs
,CCMMP Project
,Electronic Transition Energetics
CACKETT, AlexSize effects in dislocation-mediated plasticity in copper alloys with different microstructural length scales

PhD Graduates

NameThesis Title
WHEATLAND, JonathanThe Investigation of the Fine Scale 3D Characteristics of Sediments Employing Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) (2017)
DONG, DongDeformation in small dimensions studied by thin wires in torsion (2016)
AHMED, FarhatMultiscale Quantitative Imaging of Human Femoral Heads using X-ray Microtomography (2011)
EKERS, Tanya W.Nanoindentation as a Method to Interrogate the Mechanical properties of Polymer Coatings (2011)
THANJAL, NarinderjeetOptimisation of interfacial bond strength of glass fibre endodontic post systems (MPhil) (2011)
LUO, JinInvestigtion of the Properties of Dental Cements in Minimal Invasive Restoration (2010)
HAQUE, FezaNanoindentation of Polymer and Protein Films (MPhil) (2009)
HOU, XiaodongGeometrical size effects in the plasticity of metals by micromechanical testing (2009)
ZHU, TingtingMicrometre-scale plasticity size effects in metals and ceramics theory and experiment (2009)
BEMBEY, Amanpreet KMicro-Mechanical Properties and Composite Behaviour of Bone’ (2008)
P'NG, Mok YewStrength and deformation of coherently strained superlattices (2004)
AL-AZZAWI, SammaVariations of the eastic modulus of human enamel (2003)