Prof Alvaro Mata
BSc, MSc, DEng


Research Overview

Directed and dynamic self-assembly, peptide and protein-based biomaterials, micro and nanofabrication, BioMEMS, Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


We are a highly interdisciplinary group passionate to develop innovative technologies and high impact research (i.e. Science 2008, Nature Materials 2010, Nature Chemistry 2015) for a variety of bioengineering applications. Our approaches integrate engineering, materials science, chemistry, nanotechnology, biology, and medicine to develop materials and devices with molecular control and hierarchical order, biomimetic character, spatio-temporal control, tuneability, self-healing capacity, and functionality. Current research in our lab includes the development of in vitro biomimetic environments, dynamic and directed self-assembling systems, molecular printing within 3D environments, and molecularly-designed bioactive implants for applications such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug screening.