Dr Qasim Zia

Dr Qasim Zia

Electron Microscopy Technician

Nanovision, Francis Bancroft CG25, Mile End

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Expertise: Manages the SEM and FIB facilities, providing training and support to users to push the applications of these tools to improve research outcomes. Also, breadth of knowledge in other spectroscopy techniques FTIR, TGA, DSC, AAS, EDS/WDS, and UV VIS.

Brief Biography

Qasim completed his undergraduate degree in materials focusing on increasing the toughness of hybrid carbon/glass fiber composites for aerospace applications. His study relied heavily on SEM and he found a passion for the technique. After graduating he spent a few years at National Textile Research Center as a Analytical Laboratory Engineer, working with academics and industries around Pakistan to improve processes, workflows, learning and research. Returning to the academic world at the University of Manchester as a Doctoral Researcher, his work involved the synthesis of porous PLLA nanofibrous membranes for the wastewater treatment application. This led him to joining as Electron Microscopy Technician in the nano vision center in Queen Mary University of London.