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Dr Zhe Li

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    • Speller EM, Clarke AJ, Aristidou N, Wyatt MF, Francàs L, Fish G, Cha H, Lee HKH, Luke J, Wadsworth A, Evans AD, McCulloch I, Kim JS, Haque SA, Durrant JR, Dimitrov SD, Tsoi WC and Li Z (2019). "Toward improved environmental stability of polymer: Fullerene and polymer:Nonfullerene organic solar cells: A common energetic origin of light- A nd oxygen-induced degradation." American Chemical Society  Acs Energy Letters  vol. 4, (4) 846-852.


    • Lee HKH, Telford AM, Röhr JA, Wyatt MF, Rice B, Wu J, De Castro Maciel A, Tuladhar SM, Speller E, McGettrick J, Searle JR, Pont S, Watson T, Kirchartz T, Durrant JR, Tsoi WC, Nelson J and Li Z (2018). "The role of fullerenes in the environmental stability of polymer:fullerene solar cells." Royal Society of Chemistry  Energy and Environmental Science  vol. 11, (2) 417-428.


    • Cha H, Wu J, Wadsworth A, Nagitta J, Limbu S, Pont S, Li Z, Searle J, Wyatt MF, Baran D, Kim JS, McCulloch I and Durrant JR (2017). "An Efficient, “Burn in” Free Organic Solar Cell Employing a Nonfullerene Electron Acceptor." Wiley  Advanced Materials  vol. 29, (33)


    • Lee HKH, Li Z, Durrant JR and Tsoi WC (2016). "Is organic photovoltaics promising for indoor applications?" Aip Publishing  Applied Physics Letters  vol. 108, (25)


    • Schroeder BC, Li Z, Brady MA, Faria GC, Ashraf RS, Takacs CJ, Cowart JS, Duong DT, Chiu KH, Tan CH, Cabral JT, Salleo A, Chabinyc ML, Durrant JR and McCulloch I (2014). "Enhancing Fullerene-Based Solar Cell Lifetimes by Addition of a Fullerene Dumbbell." Angewandte Chemie - International Edition  vol. 53, (47) 12870-12875.
    • Wong HC, Li Z, Tan CH, Zhong H, Huang Z, Bronstein H, McCulloch I, Cabral JT and Durrant JR (2014). "Morphological stability and performance of polymer-fullerene solar cells under thermal stress: The impact of photoinduced PC60BM oligomerization." Acs Nano  vol. 8, (2) 1297-1308.