Dr Yiwei Sun
BSc, PhD

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    • Sun YW, Liu W, Hernandez I, Gonzalez J, Rodriguez F, Dunstan DJ and Humphreys C (2019). "3D strain in 2D materials: to what extent is monolayer graphene graphite?" American Physical Society  Physical Review Letters  vol. 123, 135501-135501.
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    • Guo H, Li L, Liu W, Sun Y, Xu L, Ali A, Liu Y, Wu C, Shehzad K, Yin W-Y and Xu Y (2018). "All-Two-Dimensional-Material Hot Electron Transistor." Ieee Electron Device Letters  vol. 39, (4) 634-637.


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    • Zhou H, Lin X, Guo H, Lin S, Sun Y and Xu Y (2017). "Ab initio electronic transport study of two-dimensional silicon carbide-based p–n junctions." Journal of Semiconductors  vol. 38, (3) 033002-033002.


    • Sun YW, Hernández I, González J, Scott K, Donovan KJ, Sapelkin A, Rodríguez F and Dunstan DJ (2016). "Significance of bundling effects on carbon nanotubes' response to hydrostatic compression." Journal of Physical Chemistry C  vol. 120, (3) 1863-1870.
    • Sun Y and Dunstan DJ (2016). "Carbon Nanotubes Under Pressure." Cism International Centre For Mechanical Sciences, Courses and Lectures 


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    • Zhong Z, Zhou T, SUN Y and Lin J (2011). "A Feasible Routine for Large-Scale Nanopatterning via Nanosphere Lithography." Recent Advances in Nanofabrication Techniques and Applications , Editors: Cui B.