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Dr Vanira Trifiletti

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    • Trifiletti V, Tseberlidis G, Colombo M, Spinardi A, Luong S, Danilson M, Grossberg M, Fenwick O and Binetti S (2020). "Growth and Characterization of Cu2Zn1-xFexSnS4 Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications." Mdpi  Materials  vol. 13,


    • Trifiletti V, Degousée T, Manfredi N, Fenwick O, Colella S and Rizzo A (2019). "Molecular Doping for Hole Transporting Materials in Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells." Mdpi Ag  Metals  vol. 10, (1) 14-14.
    • Manfredi N, Trifiletti V, Melchiorre F, Giannotta G, Biagini P and Abbotto A (2019). "Photovoltaic characterization of di-branched organic sensitizers for DSSCs." Elsevier  Data in Brief  vol. 25, 104167-104167.
    • Trifiletti V, Mostoni S, Butrichi F, Acciarri M, Binetti S and Scotti. R (2019). "Study of Precursor‐Inks Designed for High‐Quality Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 Films for Low‐Cost PV Application." Wiley  Chemistryselect  vol. 4, (17) 4905-4912.
    • Le Donne A, Trifiletti V and Binetti S (2019). "New Earth-Abundant Thin Film Solar Cells Based on Chalcogenides." Frontiers Media  Frontiers in Chemistry  vol. 7,


    • Trifiletti V, Cannavale A, Listorti A, Rizzo A and Colella S (2018). "Sequential deposition of hybrid halide perovskite starting both from lead iodide and lead chloride on the most widely employed substrates." Elsevier  Thin Solid Films  vol. 657, 110-117.
    • Manfredi N, Trifiletti V, Melchiorre F, Giannotta G, Biagini P and Abbotto A (2018). "Performance enhancement of a dye-sensitized solar cell by peripheral aromatic and heteroaromatic functionalization in di-branched organic sensitizers." Royal Society of Chemistry  New Journal of Chemistry: a Journal For New Directions in Chemistry  vol. 42, (11) 9281-9290.
    • Krustok J, Raadik T, Grossberg M, Kauk-Kuusik M, Trifiletti V and Binetti S (2018). "Photoluminescence study of deep donor- deep acceptor pairs in Cu2ZnSnS4." Elsevier  Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing  vol. 80, 52-55.


    • Boldrini CL, Manfredi N, Perna FM, Trifiletti V, Capriati V and Abbotto A (2017). "Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells that use an Aqueous Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent as Effective Electrolyte Solution." Wiley-Vch Verlag  Energy Technology: Generation, Conversion, Storage, Distribution  vol. 5, (2) 345-353.


    • Mileti¿ T, Pavoni E, Trifiletti V, Rizzo A, Listorti A, Colella S, Armaroli N and Bonifazi D (2016). "Covalently Functionalized SWCNTs as Tailored p-Type Dopants for Perovskite Solar Cells." American Chemical Society (Acs)  Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces  vol. 8, (41) 27966-27973.
    • Trifiletti V, Manfredi N, Listorti A, Altamura D, Giannini C, Colella S, Gigli G and Rizzo A (2016). "Engineering TiO2/Perovskite Planar Heterojunction for Hysteresis-Less Solar Cells." Wiley  Advanced Materials Interfaces  vol. 3, (22) 1600493-1600493.
    • Magnano G, Marinotto D, Cipolla MP, Trifiletti V, Listorti A, Mussini PR, Di Carlo G, Tessore F, Manca M, Orbelli Biroli A and Pizzotti M (2016). "Influence of alkoxy chain envelopes on the interfacial photoinduced processes in tetraarylporphyrin-sensitized solar cells." Royal Society of Chemistry (Rsc)  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  vol. 18, (14) 9577-9585.


    • Trifiletti V, Roiati V, Colella S, Giannuzzi R, De Marco L, Rizzo A, Manca M, Listorti A and Gigli G (2015). "NiO/MAPbI3-xClx/PCBM: A Model Case for an Improved Understanding of Inverted Mesoscopic Solar Cells." American Chemical Society (Acs)  Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces  vol. 7, (7) 4283-4289.
    • Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F, Vece V, Di Carlo G, Mussini PR, Trifiletti V, De Marco L, Giannuzzi R, Manca M and Pizzotti M (2015). "Highly improved performance of ZnII tetraarylporphyrinates in DSSCs by the presence of octyloxy chains in the aryl rings." Royal Society of Chemistry (Rsc)  Journal of Materials Chemistry A  vol. 3, (6) 2954-2959.
    • Guerra VLP, Altamura D, Trifiletti V, Colella S, Listorti A, Giannuzzi R, Pellegrino G, Condorelli GG, Giannini C, Gigli G and Rizzo A (2015). "Implications of TiO2 surface functionalization on polycrystalline mixed halide perovskite films and photovoltaic devices." Royal Society of Chemistry (Rsc)  Journal of Materials Chemistry A  vol. 3, (41) 20811-20818.


    • Di Carlo G, Caramori S, Trifiletti V, Giannuzzi R, De Marco L, Pizzotti M, Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F, Argazzi R and Bignozzi CA (2014). "Influence of Porphyrinic Structure on Electron Transfer Processes at the Electrolyte/Dye/TiO2 Interface in PSSCs: a Comparison between meso Push–Pull and β-Pyrrolic Architectures." American Chemical Society (Acs)  Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces  vol. 6, (18) 15841-15852.
    • Di Carlo G, Orbelli Biroli A, Tessore F, Pizzotti M, Mussini PR, Amat A, De Angelis F, Abbotto A, Trifiletti V and Ruffo R (2014). "Physicochemical Investigation of the Panchromatic Effect on β-Substituted ZnII Porphyrinates for DSSCs: The Role of the π Bridge between a Dithienylethylene Unit and the Porphyrinic Ring." American Chemical Society (Acs)  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  vol. 118, (14) 7307-7320.


    • Leandri V, Ruffo R, Trifiletti V and Abbotto A (2013). "Asymmetric Tribranched Dyes: An Intramolecular Cosensitization Approach for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells." Wiley  European Journal of Organic Chemistry  vol. 2013, (30) 6793-6801.
    • Dragonetti C, Valore A, Colombo A, Magni M, Mussini P, Roberto D, Ugo R, Valsecchi A, Trifiletti V, Manfredi N and Abbotto A (2013). "Ruthenium oxyquinolate complexes for dye-sensitized solar cells." Elsevier Bv  Inorganica Chimica Acta  vol. 405, 98-104.


    • Abbotto A, Coluccini C, Dell'Orto E, Manfredi N, Trifiletti V, Salamone MM, Ruffo R, Acciarri M, Colombo A, Dragonetti C, Ordanini S, Roberto D and Valore A (2012). "Thiocyanate-free cyclometalated ruthenium sensitizers for solar cells based on heteroaromatic-substituted 2-arylpyridines." Royal Society of Chemistry (Rsc)  Dalton Transactions  vol. 41, (38) 11731-11731.