Dr Oliver Pearce

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    • Wight TN, Kang I, Evanko SP, Harten IA, Chang MY, Pearce OMT, Allen CE and Frevert CW (2020). "Versican—A Critical Extracellular Matrix Regulator of Immunity and Inflammation." Frontiers in Immunology  vol. 11,
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    • BALKWILL F, Anne Montfort and Oliver Pearce (2016). "Neoadjuvant chemotherapy modulates the immune microenvironment in metastases of tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma." American Association For Cancer Research  Clinical Cancer Research 
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    • Schwarz F, Pearce OMT, Wang X, Samraj AN, Läubli H, Garcia JO, Lin H, Fu X, Garcia-Bingman A, Secrest P, Romanoski CE, Heyser C, Glass CK, Hazen SL, Varki N, Varki A and Gagneux P (2015). "Siglec receptors impact mammalian lifespan by modulating oxidative stress." Elife  vol. 4,
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    • Pearce OMT, Läubli H, Verhagen A, Secrest P, Zhang J, Varki NM, Crocker PR, Bui JD and Varki A (2014). "Inverse hormesis of cancer growth mediated by narrow ranges of tumor-directed antibodies." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  vol. 111, (16) 5998-6003.
    • Pearce OM, Läubli H, Bui J and Varki A (2014). "Hormesis in cancer immunology: Does the quantity of an immune reactant matter?" Oncoimmunology  vol. 3,


    • Buchlis G, Odorizzi P, Soto PC, Pearce OMT, Hui DJ, Jordan MS, Varki A, Wherry EJ and High KA (2013). "Enhanced T cell function in a mouse model of human glycosylation." J Immunol  vol. 191, (1) 228-237.


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    • Pearce OMT and Varki A (2010). "Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of the carbohydrate antigen N-glycolylneuraminic acid from glucose." Carbohydr Res  vol. 345, (9) 1225-1229.


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