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Dr Ettore Barbieri
Dott. Ing. , PhD, FHEA

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All Publications


    • Zhang Y, De Falco P, Wang Y, Barbieri E, Paris O, Terrill NJ, Falkenberg G, Pugno NM and Gupta HS (2017). "Towards in situ determination of 3D strain and reorientation in the interpenetrating nanofibre networks of cuticle." Nanoscale 
    • Montanari M, Petrinic N and Barbieri E (2017). "Improving the GJK algorithm for faster and more reliable distance queries between convex objects." Acm Transactions On Graphics  vol. 36, (3)
    • De Falco P, Barbieri E, Pugno N and Gupta HS (2017). "Staggered Fibrils and Damageable Interfaces Lead Concurrently and Independently to Hysteretic Energy Absorption and Inhomogeneous Strain Fields in Cyclically Loaded Antler Bone." Acs Biomaterials Science & Engineering 


    • Barbieri E, Ongaro F and Pugno NM (2016). "A J-integral-based arc-length solver for brittle and ductile crack propagation in finite deformation-finite strain hyperelastic solids with an application to graphene kirigami." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 
    • Li Y, Zhang H, Crespo M, Porwal H, Picot O, Santagiuliana G, Huang Z, Barbieri E, Pugno NM, Peijs T and Bilotti E (2016). "In Situ Exfoliation of Graphene in Epoxy Resins: A Facile Strategy to Efficient and Large Scale Graphene Nanocomposites." Acs Appl Mater Interfaces  vol. 8, (36) 24112-24122.
    • Ongaro F, BARBIERI E and Pugno N (2016). "The in-plane elastic properties of hierarchical composite cellular materials: synergy of hierarchy, material heterogeneity and cell topologies at different levels." Elsevier  Mechanics of Materials 
    • Ongaro F, De Falco P, Barbieri E and Pugno NM (2016). "Mechanics of filled cellular materials." Mechanics of Materials  vol. 97, 26-47.
    • De Cola F, Pellegrino A, Barbieri E, Penumadu D and Petrinic N (2016). "Void ratio based representative volume element for modelling the high strain rate behaviour of granular materials." International Journal of Impact Engineering  vol. 91, 46-55.


    • Barbieri E and Pugno NM (2015). "A computational model for large deformations of composites with a 2D soft matrix and 1D anticracks." International Journal of Solids and Structures  vol. 77, 1-14.
    • De Cola F, Falco S, Barbieri E and Petrinic N (2015). "New 3D geometrical deposition methods for efficient packing of spheres based on tangency." International Journal For Numerical Methods in Engineering  vol. 104, (12) 1085-1114.
    • Curiel-Sosa JL, Brighenti R, Moreno MCS and Barbieri E (2015). "Computational techniques for simulation of damage and failure on composites."



    • Ciampa F, Barbieri E and Meo M (2014). "Modelling of multiscale nonlinear interaction of elastic waves with three-dimensional cracks." J Acoust Soc Am  vol. 135, (6) 3209-3220.
    • Falco S, Siegkas P, BARBIERI E and Petrinic N (2014). "A new method for the generation of arbitrarily shaped 3D random polycrystalline domains." Springer Link  Computational Mechanics 
    • Ciampa F, Onder E, Barbieri E and Meo M (2014). "Detection and Modelling of Nonlinear Elastic Response in Damaged Composite Structures." Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation  vol. 33, (4) 515-521.
    • Sevilla R and Barbieri E (2014). "NURBS distance fields for extremely curved cracks." Computational Mechanics  vol. 54, (6) 1431-1446.


    • BARBIERI E and Petrinic N (2013). "Three-dimensional crack propagation with distance-based discontinuous kernels in meshfree methods." Springer Berlin Heidelberg  Computational Mechanics  vol. 53, 325-342.
    • BARBIERI E and Petrinic N (2013). "Multiple Crack Growth and Coalescence in Meshfree Methods with A distance Function-Based Enriched Kernel.", Editors: Aliabadi F and Wen P. Transtech Publications  Key Engineering Materials  vol. 560, 37-60.


    • Ciampa F, Meo M and Barbieri E (2012). "Impact localization in composite structures of arbitrary cross section." Structural Health Monitoring  vol. 11, (6) 643-655.
    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2012). "A fast object-oriented Matlab implementation of the Reproducing Kernel Particle Method." Computational Mechanics  vol. 49, (5) 581-602.
    • Barbieri E, Petrinic N, Meo M and Tagarielli VL (2012). "A new weight-function enrichment in meshless methods for multiple cracks in linear elasticity." International Journal For Numerical Methods in Engineering  vol. 90, (2) 177-195.


    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2011). "A meshless cohesive segments method for crack initiation and propagation in composites." Applied Composite Materials  vol. 18, (1) 45-63.


    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2010). "Time reversal DORT method applied to nonlinear elastic wave scattering." Wave Motion  vol. 47, (7) 452-467.
    • Amerini F, Barbieri E, Meo M and Polimeno U (2010). "Detecting loosening/tightening of clamped structures using nonlinear vibration techniques." Smart Materials & Structures  vol. 19, (8)
    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2010). "Discriminating linear from nonlinear elastic damage using a nonlinear time reversal DORT method." International Journal of Solids and Structures  vol. 47,


    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2009). "A meshfree penalty-based approach to delamination in composites." Composites Science and Technology  vol. 69, (13) 2169-2177.
    • Barbieri E and Meo M (2009). "Evaluation of the integral terms in reproducing kernel methods." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering  vol. 198, (33-36) 2485-2507.
    • Barbieri E, Cammarano A, De Rosa S and Franco F (2009). "Waveguides of a composite plate by using the spectral finite element approach." Jvc/Journal of Vibration and Control  vol. 15, (3) 347-367.
    • Barbieri E, Meo M and Polimeno U (2009). "Nonlinear wave propagation in damaged hysteretic materials using a frequency domain-based PM space formulation." International Journal of Solids and Structures  vol. 46, (1) 165-180.