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Dr Clare Thompson
MBiochem, PhD


All Publications


    • Verbruggen SW, Thompson CL, Duffy MP, Lunetto S, Nolan J, Pearce OMT, Jacobs CR and Knight MM (2021). "Mechanical stimulation modulates osteocyte regulation of cancer cell phenotype." Cancers  vol. 13, (12)
    • Thompson C, Mcfie M, Chapple J, BEALES P and Knight M (2021). "Polycystin-2 is required for chondrocyte mechanotransduction and traffics to the primary cilium in response to mechanical stimulation." Mdpi Ag  International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
    • Thompson CL, Fu S, Heywood HK, Knight MM and Thorpe SD (2021). "Corrigendum: Mechanical Stimulation: A Crucial Element of Organ-on-Chip Models (Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., (2020), 8, 602646, 10.3389/fbioe.2020.602646)." Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology  vol. 9,
    • Fu S, Meng H, Inamdar S, Das B, Gupta H, Wang W, Thompson C and Knight M (2021). "Activation of TRPV4 by mechanical, osmotic or pharmaceutical stimulation is anti-inflammatory blocking IL-1β mediated articular cartilage matrix destruction.", Editors: Block JA. Elsevier  Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 



    • Fu S, Thompson CL, Ali A, Wang W, Chapple JP, Mitchison HM, Beales PL, Wann AKT and Knight MM (2019). "Mechanical loading inhibits cartilage inflammatory signalling via an HDAC6 and IFT-dependent mechanism regulating primary cilia elongation." Osteoarthritis and Cartilage  vol. 27, (7) 1064-1074.
    • Harris C, THORPE SD, Rushwan S, Wang W, THOMPSON C, Peacock J, KNIGHT M, Gooptu B and Greenough A (2019). "An in vitro investigation of the inflammatory response to the strain amplitudes which occur during high frequency oscillation ventilation and conventional mechanical ventilation." Elsevier  Journal of Biomechanics 
    • O¿Toole SM, Watson DS, Novoselova TV, Romano LEL, King PJ, Bradshaw TY, Thompson CL, Knight MM, Sharp TV, Barnes MR, Srirangalingam U, Drake WM and Chapple JP (2019). "Oncometabolite induced primary cilia loss in pheochromocytoma." Endocrine-Related Cancer  vol. 26, (1) 165-180.


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    • THORPE SD, Gambassi S, Thompson CL, Chandrakumar C, Santucci A and Knight MM (2017). "Reduced Primary Cilia Length and Altered Arl13b Expression Are Associated with Deregulated Chondrocyte Hedgehog Signalling in Alkaptonuria." John Wiley & Sons Inc.  Journal of Cellular Physiology 



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    • KNIGHT MM, Thompson CL, Yasmin H, Varone A, Wiles A and Poole CA (2015). "Lithium chloride prevents interleukin- 1β induced cartilage degradation and loss of mechanical properties." Wiley: 12 Months  Journal of Orthopaedic Research 
    • Thompson CL, Poole CA and Knight MM (2015). "Lithium chloride triggers primary cilia elongation and inhibits hedgehog signalling in articular chondrocytes." International Journal of Experimental Pathology  vol. 96, (2) A6-A6.



    • Thompson CL, Chapple JP and Knight MM (2014). "Primary cilia disassembly down-regulates mechanosensitive hedgehog signalling: a feedback mechanism controlling ADAMTS-5 expression in chondrocytes." Osteoarthritis Cartilage  vol. 22, (3) 490-498.