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Research Funding

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Current Funded Research Projects

iCASE Award Industrial Contribution (Airbus) Rich Simulation Driven Design Optimisation

Funding source: Airbus Defence & Space Ltd
Start: 12-09-2022  /  End: 11-09-2026
Amount: £37,428

Previous Funded Research Projects

Bimodule material in highway construction and computational study

Funding source: Changsha University of Science and Technology
Start: 01-07-2017  /  End: 30-06-2020

Finite element method and meshless finite block method are developed to study composites with bimodule materials.

International education and research collaboration between UK and China

Funding source: Chinese government Hunan province
Start: 01-08-2016  /  End: 31-12-2017

It is project to strength the educational and research collaboration between UK and China.

Development of the advanced numerical methods for functionally graded materials

Funding source: Shangxi Province, China
Start: 01-09-2014  /  End: 31-08-2017

It is three years project funded by Chinses government, Shangxi province and Taiyuan University of Technology from 2014 to 2017, 2M Chinese dollar in total.

Numerical simulation of crack propagation in rock mechanics

Funding source: Central South University
Start: 01-03-2016  /  End: 28-02-2017

Behaviour of fracture in the rock material is investigated.

International Exchange Scheme: 2013 China NSFC

Funding source: The Royal Society
Start: 01-04-2014  /  End: 31-03-2016

Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Forming of Stringer (Airbus contract for Research Fellow)

Funding source: Air Bus Uk
Start: 01-11-2010  /  End: 31-08-2011

The stringers are designed to act as stiffeners to the wing skin panel to carry either tensile (bottom) or compressive (top) loads. In addition, stringers have certain profiles which fol-low the wing aerodynamic shape that contribute to flight and fuel efficiency. These profiles include a combination of bends and twists ...

Understanding of titanium machining using minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) (Airbus contract for Research Fellow)

Funding source: Air Bus Uk
Start: 19-07-2010  /  End: 18-10-2010

This research (contract) was supported by Airbus UK. The aim of the project is to understand the influence of MQL on cutting tool wear mechanism to enable high performance cutting of Ti-6Al-4V. The project objectives in the next three months can be laid out as follows: (1) Literature review. ...

Other Research Projects

Numerical Simulation for Milling Processes of Thin Wall Structures (EPSRC and Airbus UKl)

The aim of the project is to establish the relationship between cutting forces and stiffness of thin wall structures using finite element analysis (FEA) in order to identify deflection limits. Initial modelling work will focus on basic aircraft features of wingbox ribs at local level and subsequently the work would …

Comeld™ Joints: Optimisation of Geometric Parameters of the Protrusions (TWI Ltd and SEMS)

A novel surface treatment for metals developed at TWI, Surfi-Sculpt® leads to the formation of surface protrusions on metal surfaces. These protrusions are typically 1.0 mm high and 0.6 mm diameter. The surface modified metal can be bonded with composite laminates to form a Comeld™ joint. These joints can be ...

Advanced Numerical Modelling for Plate/Shell Structures with Multi-component and Composite Materials – Meshless Technique Approach (EPSRC Standard)

Metal/ceramic FGMs are widely applied in different engineering areas under severe thermal loading conditions. Since analytical methods can only be successfully applied to structural analysis of FGMs for very simple geometrical and loading conditions, numerical methods are needed in general cases. During the research stay, a novel meshless local …