Dr Pihua Wen


Research Overview


Dr P.H. Wen has been involved in applied mathematics and development of numerical methods for more than three decades. Since 1984, he has established and maintained an excellent international track record. He has published more than 180 papers in international journals and 20 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings in fracture mechanics, solid/fluid mechanics and three books. As an invited keynote speaker, he recently intended conferences and forums of the boundary element method and meshless technique frequently. He has been the member of international scientific advisory boards of several international conferences. He recently serves on the editorial board of high-quality international journals such as Engineering Analysis with Boundary Element and Computer Modelling in Engineering and Sciences. He has established a broad collaboration with international institutes including Imperial College London, Hong Kong City University, University of South Mississippi, Academy Army of Slovak, Academic Institute of Slovakia and Hunan University in China. In addition, he has built up strong links with manufacturing industry including Airbus UK. One standard EPSRC proposal was awarded in 2007 for smart structure simulations. One EPSRC proposal with industry support from Airbus UK was awarded in 2006 for the simulation of the cutting forces in the milling process with microstructures and one contract with Airbus will be issued shortly. 

Dr Wen is one of the activist researchers in the world in the field of numerical modelling and development of new numerical algorithms including the boundary element method and meshless method. His interests cover many fields of engineering and sciences including the damage tolerance analysis and repair investigation for damaged/cracked structures, the interaction of solid and fluid, dynamic system, aerodynamics and biomechanics et al. Three-year experience at Airbus UK has been extremely useful for his career in the research and management of projects. He served as an advanced non-linear finite element analyst and involved in the development of numerical methods using the finite element analysis software such as creeping forming and crack propagations. During this period he participated and completed numerous numerical simulations for A340-500/600 and A380 including the buckling analysis, distortion analysis and creeping forming simulation. Recently he started a strong collaboration with the Hunan University, China, in the theory of dislocations and the interaction of screw dislocation with nanoscale inclusion etc. He was titled as Guest Professor at the Central South University, China in 2014, Hunan University, China in 2012, Changsha University of Science and Technology, China in 2017.