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Dr Lorenzo Botto


Research Overview

The Fluids, Particles, and Interfaces research group led by Dr. Botto is interested in fundamental aspects of microscale fluid mechanics and transport phenomena in multiphase systems.

Much of the group’s research focuses on topics at the interface between classical fluid mechanics and materials science. These include the mechanisms of formation of solid-stabilised emulsions, liquid transport in oil repellent textiles, and the liquid processing of  nanostructured materials.

Our work is based primarily on computer simulation and theory. We carry out experiments when the systems are too complex,  the modelling assumptions are not clear or we just need data.

The Fluids, Particles and Interfaces research group is embedded into the wider QMUL’s Fluid Group.

Topics of interests:

  • Graphene nanohydrodynamics: fluid-structure interactions at the nanoscale
  • Particle-laden drops, bubbles and fluid interfaces
  • Elasto-capillary interactions in soft wetting 
  • Fluid penetration in smart textiles
  • Transport phenomena and mechanics in biological and bioengineered materials