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Dr Kan Chen

Dr Chen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

+44 (0)20 7882 2734
JP20 Nanoforce Lab, Joseph Priestley, Mile End


Supervisor: Prof Michael Reece
Expertise: My current research projects mainly focus on synthesis and development of low-cost and environment -friendly thermoelectric materials and scaling-up synthesis of high-performance thermoelectric materials for device fabrication. I am interested in exploring new materials, investigating the effects of synthesis on materials' microstructures and optimizing materials' electrical and thermal transport properties via doping, band structure engineering, microstructure modification, high-entropy effects, etc. I am experienced in different synthesis methods (such as spark plasma sintering, flash sintering, magnetic alignment, mechanical alloying, etc), advanced characterizations of thermoelectric materials and interpretations of electrical and thermal transport properties.
Research keywords: materials synthesis, spark plasma sintering, thermoelectric materials, sulfides, half-heusler, high-entropy