Dr Joanne Nolan

Dr Joanne Nolan

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Engineering 323, Mile End

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Supervisors: Prof Martin KnightDr Oliver Pearce
Expertise: I am currently working on an interdisciplinary CRUK-EPSRC funded project across both SEMS and Barts Cancer Institute. This work, in partnership with Emulate, aims to develop a new organ-on-a-chip model of breast cancer bone metastasis which we will use to study the interactions which occur between breast cancer and bone cells. We believe the interactions occurring between these two cell populations influences the metastatic nice and secondary tumour development with the hypothesis that osteocyte ciliogenesis is crucial during these stages.
Affiliations: Irish Association for Cancer Research, European Association for Cancer Research (Ambassador), American Association for Cancer Research, Biochemical Society.

Brief Biography

I received my PhD from the University of Limerick, Ireland, where my research focused on breast cancer and how the extracellular matrix (ECM) influences cancer cell phenotype. This research investigated how individual components of the ECM regulate breast cancer cell behaviour across a range of breast cancer subtypes but also focused on how tissue stiffness combined with ECM composition has a distinct effect on cancer cells.