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Dr Helena Azevedo
MEng, PhD


Research Group Members

Current PhD Projects

Thesis Title
Biofabrication of self-assembling fluidic devices for modelling ovarian cancer under fluid flow
Design of synthetic nanostructured hydrogel to regulate microvascularisation
Developing Bone Secondary Microenvironments for Personalised Medicine
Engineered self-assembling peptide-hyaluronan hydrogels for in vitro biomedical applications
Engineering retinal vascularization on a chip to model pathological events in eye diseases and study the effect of modulator drugs
Hyaluronan Immobilized via Peptide Self-Assembled Monolayers to Study the Behaviour of Endothelial Cells and Reveal Endovascular Therapies
Hydrogel Waveguides for Clinical Applications
Long-term Tracking and Targeted Therapy of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Labeled Nanoparticles
Protein/peptide co-assembled system as a new avenue for an in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier
Self-assembled peptide droplet interfaces for simple screening of stem cell microenvironments and micromanipulation of colonies
Self-Assembling peptide amphiphiles as a platform for the manipulation of protein conformation
Study of Liquid-liquid interfaces
Synthesis of Glycopolymers and their interactions with lectins

Past PhD Projects

Thesis TitleYear
Complex Polymer Architectures via Controlled Polymerisation Techniques2020
Generating Molecularly-Controlled Biomaterials Using Host-Guest Guided Peptide Self-Assembly2020
Hyaluronic acid-based peptide-functionalised engineered soft matrices via thiol-ene coupling2020
Developing a novel organ-on-a-chip model to study ovarian cancer2019
Hyaluronan (HA) glycopolymers and self-assembling HA-binding peptides: a synthetic toolbox for probing HA-peptide/protein interactions and creating supramolecular HA biomaterials2019
Molecular Simulations of Complex Lipid Bilayers and their Interactions with Antimicrobial Lipopeptides.2019
Self-assembled monolayers to create novel surfaces utilising peptides identified by phage display for in vitro study of cancer stem cells.2019
Supramolecular hybrid peptide/polymer biomaterials as tissue-mimetic environments2019
Synthesis and polymerization of thioester containing compounds2019
Investigating poly(2-oxazoline)s and poly(2-oxazine)s as engine oil additives2018
Molecular Design and Self-assembly of Multifunctional and Stimuli-responsive Peptide Nanostructures2018
Development of a novel hydrogel system based on the combination of peptide amphiphiles and elastin-like polymers for cartilage and disc tissue engineering2017