Dr Guanjie He

Dr Guanjie  He

Senior Lecturer in Materials Science

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Expertise: Energy Material, aqueous battery, materials characterisation, Electrocatalysts
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Brief Biography

Guanjie is a Senior Lecturer in Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London. Prior to this position, he was an Associate Professor in Materials Chemistry (2021/09-2022/01) and Senior Lecturer (2019/12-2021/08) at the University of Lincoln, and served as Advanced Functional Materials Group Lead. Guanjie obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2018 at University College London (UCL). He has also worked as a visiting researcher at the Energy Sciences Centre, Yale University, and postdoctoral research asscociate at UCL, Electrochemical Innovation Lab. Guanjie has rapidly expanded his research activities, including through a growing number of collaborations in diverse areas from the core focus of aqueous energy storage and conversion materials and devices, to advanced characterisation and simulation.