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Dr Danae Zamboulis


Research Overview

tendon development, equine tendon, interfascicular matrix, energy-storing tendons


I have a interest in tendon biology research and the development of structure-function in tendons. In my previous PDRA post I investigated the postnatal adaptation of the equine superficial digital flexor tendon and discovered functional adaptation occured primarily in the tendon interfascicular matrix following loading postnatally (paper). In my current project, I am studying the causes of age-related tendon injury.

Age-related tendon injury

The effective treatment of any disease or injury necessitates a clear understanding of its aetiology and pathophysiology if evidence-based treatments are to be designed and developed. In diseases such as tendinopathy, which are highly prevalent in older individuals, it is of the outmost importance to establish why older individuals are so injury prone, providing opportunities to investigate treatments mitigating or reversing the age-related factors driving disease. In this project we are conducting a multi-disciplinary mechanistic study to establish the local structural, mechanical and cellular changes in tissue with age and how these interact, to identify changes responsible for the age-related increase in tendon injury risk and treatments routes with the highest potential for success.