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Dr Catherine Kamal
Ph.D, MSci.

Dr Catherine Kamal

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Engineering 322, Mile End


Supervisor: Dr Lorenzo Botto
Expertise: I apply mathematical modelling to engineering challenges relating to soft particles, capsules or vesicles in liquids, with an aim to create testable models of the materials in flow for advance in industrial application. For example, an understanding on the characterisation over the state of aggregation, shape or orientation of the soft nanoparticles in flow could identify new methods used to charactering and sort nanoparticles by their thickness and aspect ratio. Such size and thickness is essential for optimising applications such as polymer reinforcement. I am also interested in modelling physical singularities, such as those involved in moving contact lines.

Brief Biography

I graduated and completed my Ph.D. at the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol.