Dr Claudia Contini

Dr Claudia Contini

Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering
BBSRC Discovery Fellow

Engineering 335, Mile End

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Expertise: Dr Contini's research interests lie in the field of bottom-up synthetic biology with a focus on the design of synthetic life-like systems that mimic biological properties and functions for biotechnological and biomedical applications.
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Brief Biography

Dr Claudia Contini is currently Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering and BBSRC Discovery Fellow.

Dr Contini was a L'Oréal and UNESCO Women in Science Engineering Fellow in the Department if Chemical Engineering and ISSF Springboard Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London.

Before this appointment, she was a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London with a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research innovation programme.

In January 2017, she was awarded her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University College London.
Prior to her post-graduated studies, Dr Contini was awarded a MRes desgree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies at the University of Padua.